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Nokia patents device control with touch-screen symbol recognition

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Nokia patents device control with touch-screen symbol recognition

Another interesting patent appeared from Nokia's vault. It seems the Finns have been working on what can be described as a symbol recognition engine for their devices. No, it's not some kind of technology that will let you read writings on the walls of ancient pyramids. It's more mundane, and quite convenient in concept - basically, you jot down the action that you want to perform on the device's touchscreen, using your stylus or a finger. You can write "call mom" on your smartphone and it will execute your order, but you can also devise a gesture of your own and assign it to a specific action.

While this technology isn't some mind-blowing way to interact with your phone or tablet, it will surely find its fans if it works as advertised, and if Nokia (Microsoft) actually get to ship it in a product. Furthermore, Windows Phone is set to acquire its own voice assistant soon, so there's another unconventional way to quickly check your Twitter feed.

source: Patent Scope via WMPowerUser

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