Nokia patents device control with touch-screen symbol recognition

Nokia patents device control with touch-screen symbol recognition

Another interesting patent appearedfrom Nokia's vault. It seems the Finns have been working on what can bedescribed as a symbol recognition engine for their devices. No, it'snot some kind of technology that will let you read writings on thewalls of ancient pyramids. It's more mundane, and quite convenient inconcept - basically, you jot down the action that you want to performon the device's touchscreen, using your stylus or a finger. You canwrite "call mom" on your smartphone and it will executeyour order, but you can also devise a gesture of your own and assignit to a specific action.

While this technology isn't somemind-blowing way to interact with your phone or tablet, it willsurely find its fans if it works as advertised, and if Nokia(Microsoft) actually get to ship it in a product. Furthermore,Windows Phone is set to acquire its own voice assistant soon, sothere's another unconventional way to quickly check your Twitterfeed.

source: Patent Scope via WMPowerUser

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