Nokia makes a revision to its 2009 market share - expects no growth this year

Nokia makes a revision to its 2009 market share - expects no growth this year
Although some companies really hate having to adjust some final numbers they've reported previously, the world's number one handset maker had to make some changes to its 2009 global market share estimates. Rather than posting a higher market share, Nokia had to decrease it from an earlier 38 percent to 34 percent. To even add insult to the revised lower figure, Nokia also said that it expected to see no growth for this year, but the value of its market share in 2010 would “increase slightly” over the previous year – it goes to show how fierce the competition really is right now. Despite those updated reports, Nokia's share price closed surprisingly up 2 percent to 10.80 euros ($14.75). The biggest contributing factors to the revision is thanks partly due to more accurate measuring methods and sniffing out counterfeit products. Nokia said, “This is due to improved measurement processes and tools that enable Nokia to have better visibility to estimate the number of mobile devices sold by certain new entrants in the global mobile device market. These include vendors of legitimate, as well as unlicensed and counterfeit, products with manufacturing facilities primarily centered around certain locations in Asia and other emerging markets.”

source: Yahoo via Mobileburn



1. behold--me

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Samsung will eventually come out over nokia. Someday soon. Samsung has better phones a lot of the time and nokia is decreasing in market share. Nokia phones are better at lower-end phones but some of their phones are really cheap. And they pretty much are shut out of the andriod market and windows mobile. They aren't very involved with the touchscreen market either, except forselect few devices. And besides, when do you ever hear a huge announcement by nokia??? It seems like samsung and others like HTC have one everyday! (omnia II, hero, wave, desire, HD2, jet, samsung unpacked events. And the list goes on. . .)

2. thatdude1 unregistered

Samsung will never overtake Nokia. Nokia's build quality and os is much better than anything samsung puts out. Samsung even uses an os owned by Nokia to power some of their phones. And Nokia does have big announcements overseas. You don't hear about them here in the states because Nokia does not have a big mind share here. But "here" is not the rest of the world, and Nokia is KING everywhere else. That is why Nokia is number one in os and handset making.

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