Nokia being sued by Apple in Britain

Nokia being sued by Apple in Britain
Apple is the recipient of lawsuits all the time, as are many big name companies with billions of dollars tied to their names. Apple has flipped the usual lawsuit script and is suing Nokia in the UK for 9 different cell phone technologies.

The two companies have actually being going through these legal disputes for a fair amount of time now. The lawsuits are in regards to 9 US patents that are apparently already in suit between two companies in the states.

Nokia spokesman Mark Durrant has made it known that Nokia is investigating the claims. It is unknown at this time what these 9 particular technologies are. This lawsuit tug-o-war between these two corporate giants started last year when Nokia claimed that Apple freely used their technology and profited off of it.

One thing is for sure, with the money in the bank that these companies possess, a lawsuit war really won’t hurt their production. So consumers need not worry, as this shouldn’t have any effect on us.

source: Reuters via Into Mobile

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