Nokia announces its strategy for 2010, showcases Symbian´s new clothes

Nokia announces its strategy for 2010, showcases Symbian´s new clothes
Yesterday Nokia announced its corporate goals for 2010 and there are quite interesting, although not exactly unexpected, changes in its strategy. Some of the most important targets relate to a major facelift of Symbian´s antiquated interface, improvement in the operational speed of the OS and integration of multitouch support. Take a look at the video below to see what the concept interface looks like The world´s largest cell phone manufacturer also intends to roll out two trend-setters next year - one scheduled for the first and the other for the second half of 2010. One other thing that gripped our attention is that the company plans to release its first cell phone with Maemo 6 in Q3-Q4 next year. Nokia also intends to strengthen its global presence by churning out more smartphones with touch-sensitive screen and QWERTY keyboard and partnership with more carriers around the Globe. The manufacturer plans to maintain its focus on the developing markets, expects weaker handset price erosion as compared to the slump of 2009 and on the overall, to retain its global market share.

source: Nokia, Engadget



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Nokia is noticing that the tide is turning. Back then, when there weren't any major operating systems for smartphones except Windows Mobile, and Blackberry, Palm and Apple, which were centered off of particular models, it really didn't have to focus on improving Symbian. It thought that stealing it from Sony Ericsson would stomp out SE's hopes of developing more UIQ smartphones-which it did, for only a few years. However, as more smartphones are dumped on the market, and as more operating systems emerge such as Android and the newly published Samsung based "bada" operating system, Nokia must focus on improving Symbian if it wishes to compete. Improving means basically making the operating system user friendly, something it has failed to do since it acquired Symbian Software Limited in 2008. Although Symbian is the world's most popular operating system, accounting for more than 50% of smartphone sales, if it doesn't improve the user interface, these statistics will drastically change before mid 2010.

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boy its about time nokia did an overhaul to their ui... i ditched my nokia yeeeears ago, but i thought i'd give it another try getting myself an e72, the phone is beautiful and works fantastic... but when it comes to the ui, for example, trying to set a network setting or ringtone, etc is just frustrating... you have to go into menu submenu and submenu and submenu... worse you'll also get lost because "menu names/tags" are a bit off / ir-relevant... just when you think you should go to, say, "display" sub-menu to set a theme, it's not there (yes there's a short cut in to get to theme, even then you need to press, i think, open menu, then open control panel, then theme, and you'll see more submenus/options that will confuse the heck out of you)....oh my god... i've had the phone for little over a week, but i still can't find my way in it... i have an android and a sony ericsson, everything is just laid out plain and simple and clear...

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