Nokia and Securitas combine to turn your cellphone into security system

Nokia and Securitas combine to turn your cellphone into security system
You use your cellphone for many things these days. You can check your e-mail with attachments, fire off a reply, browse the internet using an HTML browser, watch T.V.. and movies and listen to your music collection. Now, thanks to a collaboration between Nokia and Securitas, your mobile device can also be a security system. Securitas Safe-2-Go is available now on GPS-enabled phones using the S60 OS and are. The service offers four different types of protection. "Assist", with a touch of a button, connects you with the central alarm office of Securitas if there is a situation that requires immediate attention calling for the police or an ambulance. Your current location is noted at the central office and any family or friends that need to be notified are informed. The second service is "Find" where you can get the current position of friends and family. "Zone" is a feature you can use to make sure your kids stay where you expect them to be. A pre-determined area, like a home or school, is set and you receive a text message anytime a specific person wanders out of the preset zone. The last service is "Friends" which gives you an overall look at where your friends are at any given time. Safe-2-Go will be available in Sweden during the first half of this year with other European countries set for service later this year. Anyone feeling safer already?

source: Nokia

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