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Nokia and Microsoft to share the same marketplace; software engineer wanted

Nokia and Microsoft to share the same marketplace; software engineer wanted
The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is a set-in-stone fact and is expected to help the Finnish manufacturer get back on its feet with the implementation of Windows Phone on its smartphones. However, until now it wasn't exactly clear which marketplace the future WP7 Nokia smartphones are going to be using for software distribution.

What has just recently shed light on the issue is a job offer, which is posted on Microsoft's web site, and is on the search for a skilled software engineer. The successful candidate will participate in the establishment of a “shared” between both companies software marketplace. The job description doesn't define the term shared any further, but software dominance is something that has been associated with Microsoft for quite some time.

Sharing the same marketplace could prove beneficial for Nokia as it will have some control over the software, which is distributed on its smartphones. Additionally, adopting the Windows Phone marketplace will allow a much greater number of software developers to design software for Nokia's future smartphones. On the other side, Microsoft can only gain if they choose to blend software created by Nokia's developers into the WP7 marketplace. Whatever the case turns out to be, we are genuinely curious to see what the results of the marketplace sharing will look like.

source: Microsoft via TNW


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