Nokia N8 pre-orders are now live for the US market - September bound

Nokia N8 pre-orders are now live for the US market - September bound
Missing out on all of the summer festivities we've witnessed thus far, which can be seen either as a good or bad thing, the Nokia N8 is finally showing itself to US consumers thanks to pre-orders going live. When you think about it, having a summer launch would've placed the Symbian^3 powered device in a predicament since it would've placed itself in some heated competition between some of the top tiered devices out there. Even though it'll be the first device in the US market to boast a 12-megapixel camera, some may be more curious to experience its new and revamped platform experience – which is being garnered as being a reboot for their long time Symbian platform. In addition, the Nokia N8 features a 3.5” AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels, HD video recording, HDMI port, Xenon flash, Wi-Fi, GPS, 16GB of storage, video calling camera, and of course Ovi Maps with free navigation. If all of this sounds appealing to you, then you can probably be the first on your block to own one by simply placing a pre-order through their web site. However, it won't ship until late September, but at least it'll be in time for the new school year.

Nokia N8 Specifications | Hands-on

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1. melissa6878 unregistered

can anyone please help me?? i checked out this phone online today and it clearly says it supports both at&t and t-mobile 3G its says it supports hspa+ up to 10.2 mbps . so my question is if i were to put a t-mobile sim card will i get faster speeds than on at&t? because i live in LA were there is t-mobile hspa+ running at 21 mbps already .. and over here t-mobile is faster than at&t ikno this cuz i tried both and t-mobile is 3 times faster the fastest i have gotten with t-mobile is 9-12 mbps on my web connect rocket for my laptop and with the at&t usb mercury the higest i have ever gotten is 2-3 mbps .. so yea does anyone know if t-mobile will allow me to connect this phone with them and get those speeds? because hspa+ is here already in my area so will t-mobile allow me to get those speeds on this phone or will they slow down the speeds sorry if this sounds confusing but i really would appreciate a serious answer thanks ..

2. thatdude1 unregistered

I will definitely be gettimg this handset! Sweet!

3. BeInspired

Posts: 45; Member since: Apr 21, 2009

yes, this phone can run both T-mobile's or AT&T's 3G, because all the UMTS 850/900/1700/1900/2100 frequency are in one device. However, you are right, T-mobile's 3G speed is way faster than AT&T, so get this phone working with T-mobile will be your right choice.

6. dd unregistered

why does it specifically mention at&t and t mobile..can i use 3g on this device outside united states..

4. BeInspired

Posts: 45; Member since: Apr 21, 2009

Now let's talk about this, AT&T, what's on your mind? Your speed is slower than T-mobile, and you are asking for higher price for the plan? Is it becuase of you got better nice looking phones? No, there are so many unlock phone out there, and they are better looking than yours. People can just get unlock phones, like nokia N8, and use with T-mobile. Drop down your price for the plan, otherwise, everybody is going to leave you, and going to T-mobile. Remember guys, i am talking about GSM carriers, don't get verizon involve in this topic.

5. jpropin

Posts: 152; Member since: May 20, 2010

I’ll wait till some user reviews are out before I think about this one. I don’t give a crap what some website reviewer who spent a half hour with it has to say. I want to hear from people who have used it in real life/real time. I read enough user forums to get information closer to the truth on any particular item than any reviewer can ever give. But i’ll just say for now, an unlocked phone capable of picking up both T-Mobile and AT&T North American 3G Signals is pretty tasty. And if I like the phone and decide to pick it up, I'll still buy it unlocked regardless of whether it is subsidized or not. $@!% the subsidized phones and the rip-off contracts!

7. don78888

Posts: 3; Member since: Dec 01, 2010

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8. moataz aiob unregistered

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