Nokia N8 is previewed and is said to be a big disappointment

Nokia N8 is previewed and is said to be a big disappointment
We've seen Nokia make some waves with power packed smartphones like the Nokia N95, N97, and N900, but the competition has forced them to drastically rethink their strategy in the wake of other mobile platforms that have taken center stage. Things may not look too peachy for Nokia after their yet unannounced Nokia N8 handset was previewed by none other than Eldar Murtazin. Although it's still being tagged as a prototype unit, Murtazin had plenty to say about the handset that's being coined as Nokia's next generation handset that will easily take the coveted crown in the smartphone market. When it came down to the hardware and design, Murtazin found it rather average and on par with existing handset. The 12-megapixel camera on board produced slightly better pictures than those with the Sony Satio, but its ability to shoot HD videos didn't impress him that much considering that the feature doesn't turn heads as much as it used to. Finally, Murtazin was perplexed with the HDMI port found on the phone because it isn't the standard one you'd find on other devices. By far the biggest standout for the Nokia N8 is the Symbian^3 operating system that's been touted in the past by many as being a serious contender in the mobile platform market. Unfortunately, this was the biggest disappointments to the phone because it packed an uninspiring user interface which looks to be nothing more than a cosmetically superior version of S60 5th Edition. All in all, it has to be taken into consideration that this is still a prototype and that things could be different with the final production unit. We'd suspect that Nokia may be going back to the drawing boards to see what they can do from both the software and hardware side to make the device more appealing and intuitive.

Nokia N8 Preliminary Specifications

source: Mobile-Review (translated)

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