Nokia N8 is previewed and is said to be a big disappointment

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Nokia N8 is previewed and is said to be a big disappointment
We've seen Nokia make some waves with power packed smartphones like the Nokia N95, N97, and N900, but the competition has forced them to drastically rethink their strategy in the wake of other mobile platforms that have taken center stage. Things may not look too peachy for Nokia after their yet unannounced Nokia N8 handset was previewed by none other than Eldar Murtazin. Although it's still being tagged as a prototype unit, Murtazin had plenty to say about the handset that's being coined as Nokia's next generation handset that will easily take the coveted crown in the smartphone market. When it came down to the hardware and design, Murtazin found it rather average and on par with existing handset. The 12-megapixel camera on board produced slightly better pictures than those with the Sony Satio, but its ability to shoot HD videos didn't impress him that much considering that the feature doesn't turn heads as much as it used to. Finally, Murtazin was perplexed with the HDMI port found on the phone because it isn't the standard one you'd find on other devices. By far the biggest standout for the Nokia N8 is the Symbian^3 operating system that's been touted in the past by many as being a serious contender in the mobile platform market. Unfortunately, this was the biggest disappointments to the phone because it packed an uninspiring user interface which looks to be nothing more than a cosmetically superior version of S60 5th Edition. All in all, it has to be taken into consideration that this is still a prototype and that things could be different with the final production unit. We'd suspect that Nokia may be going back to the drawing boards to see what they can do from both the software and hardware side to make the device more appealing and intuitive.

Nokia N8 Preliminary Specifications

source: Mobile-Review (translated)



1. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

The hell with what he said, I still want one of this bad boy.

2. ilia1986 unregistered

Haha.. I've told this before - Nokia shouldn't go back to the drawing boards - but to the frying pans!! Give it up. The only possible competitor to the iPhone is Android - and that is bound to happen only if Google somehow remedies the big flop Nexus 1 turned to be, makes something comparable to iTunes, and sorts this issue with milliard phones running milliard different Android versions, each afaik capable of running only specific apps, and not others, without the user capable of knowing which, what or how. Maybe Apple will buy Nokia one day.. just like HTC wanted to buy palm.. hahaha that could be funny indeed!

3. thatdude1 unregistered

@ilia1986-you are just an apple fanboy. Apple will never buy Nokia, they just dont have the capital and Nokia will never sell. You are just mad that Nokia is # 1 in the world and Apple isn't.

4. ilia1986 unregistered

lol.. thats all I have to say. I'm no apple fanboy. And I certainly couldn't care less if 99% of the people in the world would have Noikia phones.. I just know one thing for certain - Nokia sucks. I have a 5800, and if I got a penny for every time I wanted my phone to do something (even simple stuff, like you know - not crash) - and it couldn't (whereas I soon discovered that the iphone just could) - I would be richer than Jobs already. When I will get my iPhone - I will take my 5800, burn it down, disassemble it, put it in a blender, bury the ashes in the ground, put the ground in a box, lock it, and throw it to the sea. Until then I will continue to hate it - and the company responsible - because of all the suffering it has caused me so far..

5. zerglisk

Posts: 544; Member since: Feb 09, 2010

Well, the problem is you are comparing a 5800 to an iPhone. iPhone is way more superior in terms of specs and of course iPhone will, by reading the spec, dominant over xm5800. Overly generalization only makes your statement weak. Your statement shows nothing about Nokia being shitty but a whiny kid.

6. iHateCrapple

Posts: 734; Member since: Feb 12, 2010

If you hate the phone so much stop being a b*tch and buy a new one already!

7. ilia1986 unregistered

Ah but you see - I didn't know that at the time.. I thought that because the phone had a touchscreen - it would be as awesome as the iPhone - because you know - its nokia. Only after I bought the phone, did I discover how awesome the iPhone was and how horrible my device is. I didn't know about resistive and capacitive screens, about multi-touch, about the awesomeness that is iTunes, about the fact that there are going to be a zillion different apps for the iphone (at the time, I thought that because I could install 3rd party apps on my 5800, it would be awesome, because the iphone was limited - but some of the apps didnt work, and some even corrupted my phone!). In short - I was decieved. Decieved by a company who decided to make a phone which would look like the iPhone, and gain momentum from the latter's success. That was the primary reason I got myself so interested in the cell-phone industry and the iPhone in particular - in order to never ever be decieved like this again. I did my research obviosly - I viewed reviews of the 5800 - which gave it a good score.. but I didn't understand all the things I do now. This is why I hate Nokia so much - and its not the only one - Samsung, and even HTC have a lot to answer to by making phones which look very like the iphone - but being whole lot worse (at least Samsung is trying with the Android there, but there is no excuse for nokia). Imagine that someone invented a car which works on air, instead of fuel.. and all the companies also started to make similar cars as well - some cheaper, some more expensive. You decide to purchase such a car, you watch a youtube video saying how good this car is, and etc etc, and you finally purchase it - but to your horror, you find out the the car you purchased can only go up to 20MPH, tends to be unstable on the road, has a horrible built in radio system, and sometimes even shuts down completely.. and all because you happened to pick the car from the wrong manufacturere - and just because you couldn't be bothered to do an extensive research on the field of air-powered cars! Wouldn't you get insanely pissed and irritated? I certainly was - and still am. And I will probably buy thr 5th gen iPhone - and not the 4th gen one. First because I still have to pay up to my 5800 (36 monthly payments, 22 left), and second because the 4th gen iPhone was reported to have a smaller screen than the 3GS.

8. Frankie Fish

Posts: 5; Member since: Apr 24, 2010

Hmm, well why did u need to buy the nokia touchscreen. You could have tested it or reviewed it before buying, you fool. The previous generation Iphones were slow too. Since Nokia is new to this touch screen devices it would take time to trial and test them. Btw Nokia doesn't copy other technologies just like Apple does. If you can't afford an Iphone then you got no right to diss at a low priced phone. Every phone has it's positives and negatives. Can you customise your homescreen as the Nokia 5800 can? Can you even put a god damn memory card in the crap iphone? How long does the battery last? Quit whining and live with it. If not go treat yourself with an Iphone.

9. Nokuser

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 30, 2010

What is superior about the idiot phone or iphone? The only thing you get in the iphone is decent web browser which has been misleadingly advertised as full web but you cant open flash pages, play audio/video clips, etc. I've used the iphone and found it to be extremely low tech, boring, money sucking device. Even a Samsung or Motorola device will beat the iphone, and these are not the best on the market. iphone is for those who are low tech and dont demand much from their phone while paying to the nose for it. Other issues are also crappy camera, problem with Operating system forcing user to use Applications at substantial price and lack of use friendly functions. The most dissappointing part of the iphone is the web browser. Although it has a sharp screen and shows well but the content is useless. No past/copy of the web page content, No ability to play Audio/video or save them. Anyone who compares the iphone to any Nokia must have not used the iphone. Any tech thirsty person using iphone will get bored of the device in less than 5 minutes. Most of the complaints about Nokia phones seems to be on those functions that are not even available on the idiot phone. Most of us who use a PC or MAC expect to be able to perform all the basic tasks as we do on our PC such as a simple attachment to email, etc. Unless you run apps you cant even do this simple task. I dont own a 5800 series but my buddy does and from what I could tell, it is not a very fast device. It does have the benefit of the Symbian which is to date one of the best Mobile OS. I bought the N97 last year and was disappointed with the performance, So returned it immediately and bought the N900. N900 is the best mobile device to date. just use it for an hour and you'll see. Its very fast, the web works just like the PC/Mac, opens all the videos like you can on your PC. There are very few flaws such as Landscape ONLY for most programs & No Google map. Here is a sound advise for the 5800 owners. Reset the phone to factory original setting. Load only necessary stuff and get rid of stuff that gets loaded but does not ever get used. It will run faster and smoother. My buddy's 5800 works much better since he followed this advise. Last thing when you pay couple of hundred dollars for phone like 5800 Dont expect much. trust me mnost $200+ phones wont even come close to what your 5800 does. However wHen you purchase a $500+ phone then let the world know about all its problems. BTW I still own my N95 and it is one of the best feature packed phone to date. Screen is small but I dont expect tp carry a large device as phone and it suites the users need. Best of all it always works flawlessly, always. N95 is my choice of perfect phone. This info comes from owning 15+ nokia phones plus few Sony, Motorola and Samsungs phones and of course the idiot phone. I prefer the N95 over the N95 8gb and N96 its successsor. Why? like I said, its fast, it works flawlessly, ALWAYS. Hook it up to a my portable 10" LCD and Bluetooth keyboard and it works almost like a PC. Touch screen devices are not suitable for everyone and everyday functions. It slows you down and always have to be tackling the screen to get it correctly.

10. ilia1986isgay unregistered're gay and retarded.

11. McHez unregistered

Nokia will always make me proud, they never made mistake, so i don't they will this time. I am using Nokia E5 now, n i hope to have this baby boy soon.

12. flizzy unregistered

Darng mahn, fuck iphone and yhu nokia haters too mahn. iphone rocks and nokia rules they are both great competitors buh to be honest the iphone is better than the nokia n8. No further comments

13. Ella unregistered

I honestly don't care what people say about Nokia's. All my life, the only brand of cellphones I had/have is NOKIA, because they are perfect, have long-lasting battery, and easy to use. People used to say crap about Nokia X6, and Nokia E71, both of these I've had for over 2 years now, and no problems. This is exactly what's happening to Nokia N8. I'm trying to get a good deal for myself on it, and I know it's a good phone. IPHONE? U gotta be shitting me. My brother has Iphone, some new one, and it's shit. It always breaks, always stucks. He goes to store to fix it at least once per week because it just turns off by itself, and doesn't turn on. I never had such problem with Nokias. Sooo..I think people who cannot afford good phones like Nokia, write bad stuff about them, not even having one of Nokia phones. So I suggest..BUY NOKIA PHONE, Use it and THEN COMPLAIN if you're still not happy... :)

14. aabhhissheek unregistered

the best cell in Nokia is a N8 its all features all awesome and its 12 mp camera is amazing

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