Nokia E63 – a budget QWERTY smartphone

Nokia E63 – a budget QWERTY smartphone
Nokia has officially announced the latest addition to its E-Series line up of business devices, the E63. At a first glance, one might think that it is a new color for the E71 but there are major differences between the two. The E63 is cheaper than its cousin and is touted for its social networking features.

Similar to the E71, the E63 also comes with the ability to switch modes which results in changing the phone's outlook from work to personal and vice versa. The 2.5mm jack on the E71 has been changed to 3.5mm on the E63 enabling users to plug in standard headsets when they want to listen to music and like the majority of Nokia phones, the E63 also supports the A2DP profile for connecting Bluetooth headsets. One of the major downgrades on the E63 is the camera, from 3.2 to 2 megapixel resolution. Another major difference between the two is that the Ctrl and Char keys are separate on the E63 as on the E71, they both are on one. This has resulted in a smaller space key on the E63.

The E63 is to come in two colors, Ultramarine Blue and Ruby Red. Although it is a quad band phone for GSM, it will be available in three variants for 3G connectivity:

E63-1 Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 900/2100 - for Europe
E63-2 Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/1900 - for US
E63-3 Quad-band EGSM 850/900/1800/1900, WCDMA 850/2100 - for worldwide

The Nokia E63 is expected to be available soon at $250 (EUR 199) before taxes.

source: Nokia



1. jrcrow unregistered

*Meh*...what no Sprint versions..ill stick with my wildly popular samsung Rant

4. unregistered

If you're considering switching to a Smartphone,start with Blackberry or Windows Mobile,then move on to Symbian.

2. unregistered

sprint sucks..,,,babpi holmes esse the iphone 3g is the best holmes!!!!!! BABPI BABPI MACBOOK

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what!?! no touch screen! that has 2 be a standard!

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