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Nokia CEO says devices in "different shapes, sizes and configurations" will be succeeding the Lumia 900

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Nokia CEO says devices in
Speaking at an interview, Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop had some interesting tidbits to disclose about Nokia going forward with Windows Phone this year. He said that owners of the Nokia Lumia 800 shouldn't feel sketchy about the LTE-enabled 4.3" Lumia 900 that is about to appear as an AT&T exclusive handset.

The Finnish giant's strategy with WP devices is to target different markets with different tailored propositions, depending on what it deems necessary for that market. In Europe, he said, LTE will play increasingly important role, but hasn't started to catch up yet the way it has in the US, so the Lumia 900 with LTE was first released for AT&T.

He mentioned, however, that Nokia has a deep bench for 2012, working on "successor devices" after the Lumia 900, phones with "different shapes, sizes, [and] different configurations, of course.... There is a lot more to watch.”

Apparently the strategy is to keep the excitement going, announcing devices at short and steady intervals, until a whole portfolio range of Nokia Windows Phones is released by year-end. On popularizing the platform he says:

We also learn a new thing about Nokia's Stephen Elop - turns out he is a pilot, and would like to see more airplane-related aps in the Marketplace, although well aware that not everybody shares this passion, and there are more pressing apps to populate the Marketplace with at the moment.

source: Pocket-lint

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