Nokia C5 swoops right into the FCC

Nokia C5 swoops right into the FCC
The Nokia C5 isn't wasting any time getting itself out there after its announcement recently – it flew right straight to the FCC without any hesitation. If it does indeed arrive in some kind of form, it'll most likely attract consumers seeing that the C-series is aiming for a mainstream appeal; especially if it'll play host to an even head turning price. Sure its specs may not appeal to the individuals out there that requires a bit more refinements in their handsets, but it should be more than equipped for the average user just wanting to keep connected with friends and family. Now that it has arrived at the steps of the FCC, it'd be likely to see a release relatively soon – we'll see if this unlocked GSM handset has what it takes to get Nokia's name out there to the starved North American market.

Nokia C5 Specifications

source: FCC via Engadget

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