Nokia 5700 - multimedia phone with a twist

Today, in Finland, Nokia announced three new phones, including twoentry levels and one multimedia smartphone. The latter is the 5700,which combines the design of the 3250 and 5300 to deliver the nextgeneration Nokia music phone. This is Symbian S60 smartphonewith all the bells and whistles of the OS, but mainly dedicated tomultimedia. Nokia claims a dedicated audio chip will improve the qualityof the music drastically but the main drawback we see is that the phonedoesn't have 3.5mm regular stereo jack and an adapter should be used(at least there is one on the box). The memory can be expanded only upto 2GB (at the moment) using microSD card which is not very much formusic device. Among the supported audio formats are MP3, MP4, AAC andWMA but WAV is not listed, which is used for high-quality uncompressedmusic.

Just like the 3250, the keyboard of the device has two faces androtates in order to be used with the large 16-million color display.

Nokia 5700 is 3G phone supporting video calling feature. It has2-megapixel camera for capturing of photos. It is expected to shipduring the second quarter of the year for E350 (US$470)

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