No surprise, Jabra suggests their hands-free products lower brain cancer risk from cell phones

No surprise, Jabra suggests their hands-free products lower brain cancer risk from cell phones
Last week, as we reported, the WHO said that cell phones could possibly be a carcinogenic with a increased risk to develop glioma, a malignant form of brain tumor. With news like that getting some handset users nervous, hands-free solutions maker Jabra issued a press release to inform the public that its products emit 800 times less radiation than a handset does.

From a maximum 2 watts exposure from a cell phone, using a Bluetooth headset reduces the exposure to .0025 watts and a corded device brings the radiation exposure down to zero. Anne Raaen Rasmussen, Senior Vice President of the Mobile division at Jabra says that most people, while concerned about the risk of radiation from their cell phone, are not as worried as to stop using the phone, and are not aware that hands-free products will reduce the risk.

A survey sponsored by Jabra found that 25% are not worried at all about exposure to radiation from their handset. 61% say that they are a little concerned. When told that using a hands-free product, like the kind made by Jabra, could reduce radiation, 53% said that they would start using one. How about you?

source: Jabra


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2. jcoberg10

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I'm one of the ones who is not worried. I even put my phone in my front pocket rigth next to my heart.... is that bad too? what about your pants pocket near you genitals? When does it stop... people need to quit being so paranoid. However, I do use bluetooth and wired headsets some of the time.

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