No stereo recording on your new iPhone? MikMe will make your 4K videos sound professional, for a price

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If there is a weak spot in Apple's iPhone video recording abilities, even the latest "4K at 60fps" crop, it's not the visuals, but rather the sound. While the iPhone has multiple mics for noise cancellation while on a call, the videos are still recorded with mono sound, long after most top-shelf Androids moved to stereo sound recording with an ever-increasing bitrate.

Enter MikMe, the company which has noticed this omission on part of Apple, and has swooped in with a classy external mic to remedy the situation. Its price is not, however, for the faint of heart, but the $499 tag may be worth it if you want to have professional-sounding videos done in a fairly easy manner. MikMe syncs wirelessly with your iPhone's video recording (at 44.1Khz, although the mic is capable of 24-bit 96Khz on its own), and delivers top-shelf recording via an inch of suspended gold-plated condenser inside.

The little box is very compact and easy to carry around, and comes with its own internal memory of 16GB, and a 920mAh battery that is good for three and a half hours of sound recording. You'd better have a good idea what and how are you going to record, as these three hours of recording before a recharge may not be enough for many trial and errors to take a shot at director greatness with just MikMe and the portable 4K video camera in your pocket called an iPhone.

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