No joke, Samsung files to patent a smart glove

No joke, Samsung files to patent a smart glove
You might recall that Samsung's April Fools' joke last year was the "introduction" of a wearable glove called "Samsung Fingers". The device featured a flexible 3-inch UHD Super Emo-LED display, and even had a hidden 16MP camera and 4GB of RAM. Yes, too bad it was only a joke. But sometimes a product devised for laughs can lead to a legitimate device.

Samsung has filed two patent applications for a smart glove titled "Electronic Device Having Sensor and Operation Method Thereof."  One application was filed with the USPTO while the other was filed with South Korea's patent agency.

Diagrams that were part of the applications show the glove with flexible displays that look to be similar to a QWERTY keyboard. The glove also features a number of sensors. The actual patent applications call the product a "finger motion recognition glove." But will they keep your fingers warm in the winter?

source: USPTO via (translated)
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