No Trick, all Treat as the BlackBerry Style clamshell heads for October 31st launch on Sprint?

No Trick, all Treat as the BlackBerry Style clamshell heads for October 31st launch on Sprint?
Based on a leaked internal document meant for Sprint eyes only, on October 31st you might find a new BlackBerry in your treat bag mixed in with the Tootsie Rolls and candy corn. On Halloween, Sprint appears ready to launch the BlackBerry Style 9670, a flip phone codenamed Oxford.

The great news for 'Berry fans is that the BlackBerry Style 9670 will have the new BlackBerry 6 OS under the hood and will also feature the new WebKit browser. A 5MP camera is on the rear with AF and flash and the handset includes 4GB of internal memory, 512 MB of RAM and an HVGA display.

The BlackBerry Style 9670 is also easy on the wallet. After a combination of mail-in rebates, instant discounts and a 2 year signed contract, the device will cost you $99.99. Off contract, the price is $399.99. The Gray model is expected to be ready for the October 31st launch while a purple version is coming soon.

RIM BlackBerry Style 9670 Preliminary Specifications

source: IntoMobile

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Style 9670
  • Display 360 x 400 pixels
  • Camera 5 MP
  • Battery 1150 mAh(4.50h talk time)



1. BD GUY... unregistered

piece of shit....Wheres the GODAMN TORCH...tired of this half stepping bullshit with blackberry....or Sprint i should say...

2. Da Beast unregistered

BD GUY first of all stop yellin! Second, the Torch is GSM only right now. I bet if they come out with a CMDA model Sprint would try to get it.

3. Droid X Doug unregistered

And why is it Sprint's fault that they can't get the Torch 9800? As Da Beast points out, the Torch 9800 is GSM only at present. If anything, it is RIM's fault for making the Torch 9800 GSM only.

4. diggy unregistered

phone looks ok

5. lterocker unregistered

Lame....What if there isn't wimax? To hell I say!

6. newfdog 13

Posts: 64; Member since: Mar 06, 2010

Gee.....just what I wanted. A TV show prop from the Star Trek episode with Capt. Christopher Pike.

7. evonoob unregistered

Do i read correctly on the release from sprint? EVDO .0? the same as the intercept? what gives!

8. PDXMatt

Posts: 45; Member since: Feb 26, 2007

It's Rev A.

9. sprintdude unregistered

lol, apparently you can't read. it says evdo rev A. hahahahahahaah

10. evoman unregistered

don't pick on evonoob, phonearena can't read either. that document said it comes with a 8 gig sd card, nothing about internal memory.

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