No 21:9 display for the Galaxy S9, record screen-to-body ratio to come from shaved-off bezels

Galaxy S9 does not have a taller displlay than the S8
The rumors that Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S9 may switch to a new display aspect ratio like 21:9, in order to execute the eventual screen-to-body ratio increase may be unfounded, reveals an insider claim. 

The source, with a good track record of Samsung-related scoops and finds, tips that it has gotten its paws on reliable info that the eventual screen area increase relative to the overall Galaxy S9 size, will be coming entirely from shrunk bezels, rather than a switch to an even taller aspect ratio.

The speculation is that Samsung will be gunning for the 90% screen-to-body ratio, which would be without precedent in a major flagships device. Thus, we are looking forward to see what bezel-shaving shenanigans Samsung might have engaged in, given that it still needs to house a whole lot of elements towards the top end. "To notch or not to notch" is apparently not a Hamletian question for Samsung.

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