Nexus One getting Froyo in the "next few weeks"

Nexus One getting Froyo in the "next few weeks"
Being branded as the actual Google phone, there are some perks that accompany siding with the Nexus One as your preferred handset of choice. Not only did it bring forth Android 2.1 to the spotlight with everyone else still trying to get up to its level, Google's pride and joy will probably be graced with Android 2.2 Froyo in the “next few weeks” - that's exactly what the official Google I/O Twitter account announced. It's possible that we could end up seeing the update come some time before the end of June is upon us, but for the many variants of the Nexus One floating around (Droid Incredible & Desire), it's reported that a Sense packing Froyo won't be seen until the second half of the year. So there you have it, the news looks promising to those Nexus One owners who undoubtedly were drawn to Android 2.1. Thankfully though, they'll also be the first ones to get a tasting of all that's offered with the stomach filling Froyo dessert.

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source: Twitter via SlashGear

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