Nexus 5 sold with Key Lime Pie test build on board

Nexus 5 sold with Key Lime Pie test build on board
What do you make of a guy who goes out and buys a Nexus 5, expecting to see Android 4.4 running the show, and instead he sees that a slice of Key Lime Pie is driving the device. The phone was new, sealed in the box, and the (un)lucky owner of the device found that everything was lagging and running slowly. In fact, apps were force closing left and right and the owner said he was lucky to come away with the screenshots that accompanies this article.

The phone's boot-up animation was similar to what was used for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and the codename Hammerhead can even be found on the Settings page. When a phone is bought with an old OS build onboard, it usually is quickly updated to the current build once the phone is activated. But with this phone containing a test version of Key Lime Pie, it is not eligible to receive OTA updates. As a result, the buyer had to have Android 4.4 flashed onto his device.

While this was nothing more than a small little bump in the road on that highway we call life, at least the buyer of the phone has a wonderful story that he can tell his kids and grandkids for years to come.

source: XDA via AndroidandMe
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