Nextel Offers International Travelers Two New Phones; With Motorola P280 and v60, Nextel Customers use iDEN technology in United States and GSM Abroad


Nextel was the first national wireless carrier to offer a dual-mode iDEN/GSM 100-percent digital cellular phone, the Motorola i2000. And now, with the Motorola P280 and v60 handsets, Nextel Worldwide(SM) customers have more options for the ease and simplicity of "one phone number" service in more than 80 countries around the world.

Now, Nextel domestic customers can use the card from their Motorola SIM-based iDEN phone, activate it with Nextel Worldwide Service and place the SIM card in the Motorola P280 or v60 phone for travel abroad.

"This Nextel Worldwide solution makes our most current line of SIM-based phones, from the Motorola i85s handset to the most recent release - the Motorola i30sx handset, even more valuable," said Miguel Lecuona, senior director of marketing, Nextel. "Currently, our customers can use their SIM-based phones in North America, Canada and South America.

"The Motorola P280 and v60 allow our customers to expand their reach - just by swapping the Worldwide Service-activated SIM card - to maintain their current phone number and cellular services in Asia, Europe and other countries where Nextel has roaming agreements with GSM operators," continued Lecuona. "Nextel Worldwide Service makes it easy for our customers to stay in touch with business associates and family and friends, and they have one Nextel account, making tracking expenses and billing easier."

Both the lightweight Motorola P280, and the small, stylish Motorola v60 flip phone share the vehicle power charger and audio accessories-with Nextel SIM-card based phones, which helps to simplify the solution.

The International GSM-based Motorola P280 and v60 handsets will be available as "add-on service" to an existing Nextel account or as part of a solution to potential customers also purchasing any of Nextel's SIM-driven iDEN phones. These phones will not be sold with a SIM card, so no additional activation is required.

These feature-rich phones support GSM digital cellular and text and numeric paging. In addition, the Motorola P280 and v60 offer:

Personal Information Management - access advanced datebook (250 entries) and phonebook (500 entries) during a digital cellular call to help coordinate new appointments, provide contact information or set up a three-way call.

Voice Activated Dialing - dial up to 20 stored phone listings by pressing the voice key and then speaking the name of the desired listing.

Shortcuts - access up to 20 phone features by pressing the menu key and the number of the shortcut. User may change the pre-programmed shortcuts if desired, store their own and use voice activated dialing to access shortcuts.

Menu Customization - set up the main menu to meet your daily needs, with your most-used features appearing first.

Phone language - select English, Spanish or French for phone navigation.

VibraCall(R) silent alert - notifies user of incoming calls, voice mail and messages without a sound.

Other features of the Motorola P280 and v60 phones include calculator, last 20 calls sent and received list, missed call indicator, voice notes, call timers and keypad lock.

The P280 weighs 3.5 ounces and comes with a lithium battery that offers 415 minutes of talk time and 220 hours of standby time. The silver colored phone has a standard display format of six lines and is 4.9 x 1.9 inches. It comes with a belt clip, a travel charger, a UK adapter and a Euro adapter, as well as a Motorola phone user guide and a Nextel Worldwide phone user guide.

The v60 weighs 3.8 ounces and has a metallic finish. Its lithium battery offers 150 minutes of talk time and 150 hours of standby time. The phone has a standard display of three lines and is 3.4 x 1.7 inches. It comes with a carry holster, a travel charger, a UK adaptor and a Euro adaptor, as well as a Motorola phone user guide and a Nextel Worldwide phone user guide.

The P280 and v60 are available May 1 through Nextel Direct sales channels. The P280 is offered at a promotional price of $149.99, and the v60 is offered at a promotional price of $299.99.


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