Newest Xperia X Concept update adds Ambient mode, features multiple fixes


The Xperia Concept builds are Sony's playground for software features that may or may not make it to the official builds for its Xperia smartphone range. The latest Xperia Concept build for the Xperia X is an example of this process, as it comes with a new ambient display feature. Once it's enabled in the Display settings menu, your screen will temporarily light up upon receiving a notification.

That aside, the update comes with a bunch of fixes. After installing it, the camera viewfinder will have a fixed brightness level independant of your current brightness setting. A Bluetooth audio issue present when using "Ok Google" voice commands is eradicated, and there are fixes for tinted display colors and LED notifications for missing calls.

The update brings the software version to 38.3.A.0.94 and weighs in at about 40MB. Oddly enough, it contains the January Android security patches, despite Sony having already issued this month's security updates. But such is the unpredictable nature of Concept software.


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