New widgets to come for the Samsung OMNIA

New widgets to come for the Samsung OMNIA
The first time we encountered the widgets of the TouchWiz interface (in the Samsing F480 and the OMNIA), we mentioned that they are a cool feature, but lack variety (of the apps) and enough space to put them in. Still, nothing can be done on the last issue… the manufacturer hasn’t announced any plans for an OMNIA HD with a 5-inch display. The extra widgets, however, are already on their way to the screen of the multifunctional Windows Mobile phone.

The update, which is going to feature them, is still in its beta stage of development and isn’t stable, but then, it’s going to bring some cool improvements. For instance, there’s a new application that gives you the option to control which of the widgets to be available. As we mentioned, their number has increased, and among the new additions you’ll find AccuWeather, Yahoo Finance, CNN, Google Search. Their number can be increased even more, since there will be an option to download additional ones from Yahoo.The update will also improve the Opera Mobile browser, by adding a function, called Samsung Mobile Blog.

If you have the GSM OMNIA, you can try the beta software (on your own responsibility) by downloading it from here. There is no information if there will be such update for the Verizon Wireless version.

via: wmpoweruser


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