New version of Chrome browser promises blazing fast reload speeds on mobiles

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The fine folks at Chrome have just announced they plan to make their mobile browser even faster in regards with the page reloading. The team promises the latest version of Chrome should offer 28% faster page reload and 60% less validation requests.

Usually when someone reloads a web page, browsers will first check with the web server for any usable cached resources. Unfortunately, this results in hundreds of network requests per page provided to dozens of domains. While it might not be a problem on desktop, on mobile devices this could result in high latency and major performance issues.

According to developers, the new version of Chrome is not just faster when reloading web pages, but it also consumes less bandwidth and power.

Since an image, in this case a video, is worth a thousand words, the team of developers released a video that shows how fast the new Chrome browser reloads web pages, as opposed to a previous iteration.

source: Chromium

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