New spy pics of Samsung Glyde U940

New spy pics of Samsung Glyde U940
Last November, PhoneArena was the first site to provide you with exclusive spy photos of the Samsung U940. Since then, the software has undergone some changes, and the device will now be know as the Samsung Glyde.

Today we received new photos of the Glyde, courtesy of Woshi over on HowardForums. The software now has a "Voyager" look to it, with some of the icons being the same on both devices. Most noticeably, the Glyde will now include an HTML browser, as you can see by the photo taken with PhoneArena loaded. We are glad to see an HTML browser used instead of the standard WAP browser, but this will mean that the Glyde (just like the Voyager) will only be able to be activated on Nationwide calling plans, not Americas Choice or older.

There is still no word yet on pricing, or an exact release date, but it is rumored that it will be released early Q2 (April-May).

source: HowardForums



1. George unregistered

This phone looks SOOO much better than the Voyager! It is so awsome! But Verizon is SOOO stupid to force customers to switch ot a nationwide plan. When will they make a touch phone where it can be on a regular plan. They should allow customers to do this who don't want to pay more per month! FIGURE IT OUT!

2. unregistered

It probably has to do with the HTML browser. It would kill the network to allow users to go on the web with HTML and only have to pay for airtime.

3. elgee02 unregistered

Nationwide plans cost exactly the same as the old America's Choice plans. I got to play with this phone a week ago and wow, it is bad ass. I am an LG fan of course, but I totally like this phone better than the Voyager.

37. unregistered

no they don't smarty pants. i have americas choice 1000 anytime minutes for 49.99. i'd have to pay 59.99 for 900 minutes with nationwide. figure it out.

38. unregistered

i just bought this phone yesterday & had to switch to a nationwide plan. the nationwide plan costs exactly the same as my americas choice plan did. so you need to figure it out.

42. unregistered

you probably have less minutes than. I was going to get the Glyde, but I don't want to witch from 1000 minutes for $70 to 700 minutes for $70. You are right...Nationwide is the same price as the Americas choice , but less minutes.

43. your mom unregistered

wrong, I just bought the phone yesterday, ALL the plans are the same price and minutes from nationwide and america's choice.

46. Stupid,,,, unregistered

Nationwide is more expensive. 1000 minutes for 50 dollars. Nationwide is 60 dollars 900 minutes. Meaning what you just said means that for Nationwide you have to pay more for less minutes. Ur soooooc stupid. What grade are u in? Kindergarten. Never mind...even a Kindergartener knows that.

4. George unregistered

Ok, i thot they said it was ten bucks more a month wich does add up, but its ok. nfortunately for me, I can't get this phone until June 3rd 2009, since I didn't know it was ot. Verizon is taking too long to release it tho. I got the Flipshot instead, as I didn't like the voyager enough to pay the price...hopefully the Glyde will cost less.

40. fadoushy unregistered

George becareful because the flipshot has a defect in the software read below where i explained.!!!

5. Gib unregistered

Well it costs the same plan wise but with the MB charges, it really adds up :(

6. omar unregistered

There is no additional fee for switching to the nationwide plan. all that means is that the nationwide plans replaced the america's choice plans. the only thing you get extra for the same exact cost is mobile web for a $2 rate per megabyte of use. plus you dont have to extend your plan. you only get charged if you use it, so if you never use the web, ur not looking at any additional fees on your bill.

7. DeeMan unregistered

The Glyde LOOKS better than the Voyager, but is it actually BETTER than the Voyager? (especially for signal strenghth). I've always been skeptical about Samsung phones on Verizon service but lately they've been performing well (Gleam, Juke and u550 especially). Samsung always had the pretty phones with cool features but really lacked as an actual PHONE. As for switching to a Nationwide plan, there's really not too much to worry about. It would take a lot of browsing to reach a megabyte ( at $2 per). Your real costs will come when you start downloading apps and ringtones. With that said, I liked the $5 flat rate that Mobile Web had to offer ... even if meant using some of my minutes ( which I don't use much of anyway ). It really all depends on how you use the web. But this is really a nice looking phone. Now let's see how long it takes Verizon to release it.

8. LordObento unregistered

Voyager, Glyde or VX9700? I guess if they start flooding the market with iPhone clones... less people will be willing to buy an iPhone.

9. Scott unregistered

I thought this phone was going to be as big as the F700 but it looks like they shrunk it down a bit. GOOD NEWS! Its now back in the running to actually fit in your pocket comfortably

10. gogylala unregistered

Oh... I feel the need for a comparison chart between the Voyager and the Glyde!!

11. BENTOS Wireless unregistered

The phone does look nice... but looking at the software pictures, I don't think VZW decided to keep the Croix software. Looks very different.

12. unregistered

I am upset about changing to the nationwide plan because the plan I currently have offers more minutes than the current similarly priced nationwide plan, if I am forced to switch, I will have less minutes for the same price! I have no interest in mobile web, but I do text a lot so I really want to get this phone!

13. Cellpro unregistered

Hello # 11 & 13!! You don't lose ANY minutes changing to Nationwide plans.

14. T-HUFF unregistered


15. Mike unregistered

This phone looks awsome and much better than the Voyager (unless you like Mobile TV...don't know anyone who uses it). BUT DARNET! I upgraded to the red Flipshot, and while I am still really happy about it, i didn't know about this phone! I should have waited like 1-2 more months! Oh well, I'll get it in June 2009 when my contract expires.

39. Fadoushy unregistered

just so you know mike you can actually throw a fit and force verizon to switch out your flip shot i just did. I have a red one too. In case you havent noticed yet the calendar is not functioning andything you enter that is not daily will change to the first name if you enter more than one. For instance go in and enter everyones birthday you know and for alert set it to yearly and you will see all the birthday names will change to the very first one you enter.....if the first birthday you entered is johns birthday for example, then jane, kathy etc you go back and check it they will all say johns birthday. It is a defect I have been waiting since december for a software upgrade from samsung and nothing yet so I just raised hell and also there is a cell phone lemon law. So yeah when both the addreess book and calendar doesnt function right I would change my phone out!!!! I am getting the glyde, so we will see, but as for samsung phones my last 3 phones have been samsung and I loved them!!!! good luck

16. vzwemp unregistered

you are either on a really old plan or a liar. There is no difference between the AC and the NW plans on price or minutes. The ONLY way that you can have any difference in minutes is by having an old plan. Don't try to confuse people for no reason. The only difference between the AC and NW plans are the data. The only reason these phones need to be on the NW plans is because of the full HTML browser. They take 1000's more kb than a wap2 browser. You can still get unlimited data/internet/vid downloads for 15 bux, just like you could before, it just becomes more important now. If there wasnt this change in how they bill, the phones would bog down the networks and make it bad for everyone. The extra $$ goes to building all those towers that keep us the most reliable network in the US, even with the increased data usage. We could keep it the same, but then we would end up being as reliable as Nextel.

17. bc unregistered

I hope this has the drag and drop widgets developed for the latest version of croix. I have to say verizon's interfaces looks pretty hideous. I'm about to switch to verizon and I am hoping that their sotware doesn't ruin what looks to be an awesome phone.

18. Sammo unregistered

Damn it, what the hell is the hold up with releasing this phone? I mean look at Alltel and their release of the LG Glimmer. Damn it, if Verizon would stop riding on the coat tails of this whole Voyager thing, we the public, would have the Glyde in our hands now. I bought the Voyager and while it's an amazing phone, the speaker volume is low as hell and the ring tone volume when you purchase ringtones off Get It Now, it's worse. Samsung phones? I've never owned one. I sent the Voyager back, hoping that this Glyde will be my savior. Lets hope so. I can't wait for this phone to be released. I think that it will be the same as the Voyager but improved and the volume will be better than the Voyager. The only debate is the design you have to contend with of whether you want a side open clamshell or a slide slider. Either ways, COME ON VERIZON, DAMN IT!

19. Ryan unregistered

I don't know why Verizon hasn't released this yet. It's been forever!!!!!!

20. unregistered

It hasnt been released because it is alleged to still be under testing..see Howard Forums

21. jose unregistered

in all the pictures the EVDO signal was really low. i hope the final product is better.

22. unregistered

the weak signal could easily be because... it was inside a building!!! that happends, even on verizon sometimes. if they are real spy photos, then maybe they are inside a warehouse or factory and 007 is taking the photos from some secret phone vault, which obviously would reduce its signal strength a bit!! ooooh yea!

23. Gib unregistered

@vxzwemp: If you refeering to #12 being on an old plan or a liar, he is probably on an old plan. there are some older plans that are a better bargain then current plans. I'm sure if you are an actually a real vzw employee, you already knew that.

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