New information on Samsung phones for AT&T

This article contains unofficial information.
New information on Samsung phones for AT&T
Last week, we published an article with some facts, rumors and speculation about AT&T’s upcoming Samsung phones, including the OMNIA. Today, we’ll add a few more details.

We received a juicy piece of information. It confirms that the i907 with codename Mirage is what the rumors call the BlackJack III, the AT&T version of the i780. As the BlackJack II, it is a slim candybar with QWERTY, but has a square 2.55” 320x320 touch-sensitive display, optical mouse and runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS. It is said to feature a 624MHz processor, to be a quad-band GSM and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA global phone with Wi-Fi. A 2MP camera will be included in the package which has dimensions of 4.6" x 2.4" x 0.5" and weighs 4.4oz. Verizon Wireless will also get a version of the device, called the SCH-i770. It will be similar in features and design but will be a CDMA/GSM hybrid.

A recent FCC approval shows the Samsung SGH-A867. Although the sketch of the back resembles the form of the OMNIA, we guess it is not the AT&T version of the phone, since Wi-Fi support is not mentioned.

A few days ago, a spy picture at Radio Shack showed another new Samsung for AT&T. We guessed it is the i627, as it has similar design to the European i620. However, the information we received claimed that this is the SGH-A767 Sangria, said to launch in late October. It was also approved by the FCC, showing that it features Bluetooth and 3G. The sketch of the back also belongs to a different phone, but we guess it is once again used just for illustration purposes.

The last new information is that Verizon Wireless will get its OMNIA for the Holidays. We’re not sure if it will be the i910 though.

If you have any information, please email us. You’ll be kept anonymous or pointed as the source, depending on your wish. Thanks!



9. unregistered

Possibility that AT&T gimped the A867 with no WiFi.

10. unregistered

They took the WiFi out of the i600 and released it as the Blackjack. One thing that did get me was that it has the Axx7 designation, when usually an "i" is used for Smartphones.

8. Armo unregistered

this is bullsh*t! (as in no fair) a touchscreen candybar qwerty phone, an omnia AND a slider with a qwerty for at&t! thats crap! why cant tmobile get stuff like this!?? tmobile and samsung r cool. all tmobile's getting from samsung (according to rumors) is a touchscreen DUMBphone! i thought samsung liked tmobile! at&t got WORSE coverage then tmobile in the jd power tests so idk why everyone likes them so much. as for verizon getting the omnia in december, i highly doubt. the storm is coming out in november so they wouldnt take its "thunder" away by releasing a competitive phone like a month later.

12. haley72

Posts: 7; Member since: Dec 16, 2008

tmobile has better coverage than att? tmobile roams off att. i highly dought that tmobile has better coverge over all. Now if you said "in my area", thats ok. Cause its true. att doesnt work every where. But to generalize it and say they have "better coverage" is an obscure overstatement. Get your facts straight before you type!

7. unregistered

Why do you say the A867 isn't for AT&T, the xxx7 designation is only applied to AT&T phones, so it's coming.

6. unregistered

is this info accurate? i find it hard to believe that samsung would put the blackjack III in the i900 class....doesnt make much sense

3. jrcrow unregistered

great xmas gift..vzw..stop crippling phones!..att...keep em coming!

1. doitall76 unregistered

Verizon gets the Omnia for the Holidays??? That would be a great Christmas gift.

2. unregistered

but the vzw one wont have wifi

4. unregistered

but the vzw one wont have wifi That's so not true...VZW does not cripple wifi. Get your facts straight before posting erroneous statements.

5. unregistered

He's right. The VZW Omnia does have wifi. The Holidays...I can hardly wait.

11. chocolateman85006 unregistered

Exactly. Verizon neuters other things.

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