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New image taken of the AT&T branded LG Shine 2

New image taken of the AT&T branded LG Shine 2
The LG Shine for AT&T has been a widely stylish slider phone – especially it's appealing mirror-like screen which was highlighted in commercials. Sooner or later a successor was bound to appear somewhere to try and capitalize on the popularity of the model. There was a recent picture taken of the AT&T branded LG Shine 2 that gives us a better look at the upcoming device slated for a release later this year. The previous joystick found on the original LG Shine is being replaced with a traditional directional pad – all the while retaining that polished metallic look. Honestly, it looks extremely similar to the LG KF510 which was released over a year ago – but of course US consumers are finally getting a taste of it in the form of the LG Shine 2. Either way, we're just waiting for an official release date and price range – most likely going after the mid-range pricing category.

LG Shine 2 Preliminary Specifications

source: Engadgetmobile

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