New York drivers can receive penalty points on their license for using cell phones

New York drivers can receive penalty points on their license for using cell phones
If you happen to live in the great state of New York, you might want to think hard the next time you have that subtle desire to pick up your phone while driving. That’s because the state is imposing the stiffest penalties for being caught with your handset while driving.

Starting today, violators can now receive penalty points on their drivers licenses if they are caught using their cell phone while operating a motor vehicle. Meanwhile, the two-point penalty will really make it even tougher on drivers since it’ll undoubtedly increase their car insurance rate – making it one expensive violation. Now that comes in addition to the $100 fine that drivers will need to cough up if they’re caught.

Granted that it will seemingly make some driver disgruntled, it should help in spreading the awareness about the consequences of distracted driving. So if you don’t want your insurance policy to increase, you’d better tuck your cell phone away somewhere hidden from view while driving. No word yet if other states will follow suit with New York’s implementation.

source: Reuters via Textually



1. staticprotocol13

Posts: 2; Member since: Feb 17, 2011

In CA you can get a ticket when texting or on a call. But it is ok if you have your headset on while you are on a call. But regardless of this law, you will still see a lot of drivers with their phone on their ear.

2. Jersey unregistered

Banning texting while driving I can see, but you're a complete moron if you cannot talk on a phone and drive at the same time, let alone waste time passing laws making it illegal. Should get all the liberal lawmakers in Cali and New York together and ship them off to Bahrain or Yemen or one of those places. New Yorkers keep putting these idiots in office, so it serves them right. Enjoy your tickets.

3. JustPlainDave

Posts: 45; Member since: Feb 03, 2011

The simplest solution would be to purchase either an ear-piece or cellphone ear buds with the mic built into the wire. I've read some studies that do conclude that speaking on a cell while driving is at the least somewhat distracting while texting is very distracting so I agree with this in part. We do want less distractions on the road for everyone's safety.

4. Kevin unregistered

You can still use a bluetooth headset to answer your calls. You will only get a penalty if caught physically using your cell phone. Besides, being a NYer, we set our own rules. They're just doing it to increase city income.

5. jkucz2

Posts: 1; Member since: Feb 19, 2011

Actually i am from NY and i absolutely hate living here. Pretty Much NYS makes up the dumbest laws to bring in more money that they piss away on welfare,wick etc..... and not to mention our taxes are sky high. I'm from upstate NY so pretty much we don't exist to Albany its all about the big city. Around here there are some cops that will ticket u for talking on the cell phone but majority of them just let u go due to the fact the cops talk on their cells and drive all time.

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