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New Will Smith film "Focus" to feature Windows Phone product placement

New Will Smith film "Focus" to feature Windows Phone product placement
Why spend money on advertising when a product placement in a huge movie or hot television show can help you grab the attention of millions? Microsoft apparently has a sweet deal worked out for next month's Will Smith film, Focus. Not only is Will Smith still one of the most bankable stars on the silver screen, the movie also looks like it might be a winner.

Smith plays a con-man who gets thrown off his game when he falls in love with a girl whom he trains in the art of the con. She later becomes an accomplished con-woman herself, and they end up on opposing sides of the same scam. The trailer looks interesting, especially around the 1:40 mark when you can make out the Windows Phone UI in the dark.

There is no way of telling how many sales a product placement is responsible for, but it certainly can't hurt Microsoft to have a Windows Phone handset splashed across a movie theater screen, in front of large audiences around the country.

source: HotNewTrailers via WMPoweruser


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