New Google Nexus 7 gets a teardown from iFixit

New Google Nexus 7 gets a teardown from iFixit
Rating the new Google Nexus 7 tablet a "7" out of 10 for repairability, iFixit took apart the tablet with a little difficulty. Thinner, taller and narrower than the OG Google Nexus 7, the new slate has a back cover that is no longer textured and it did crack a bit using a plastic tool to pry it apart. There is light glue applied to most of the tablet, certainly nothing that made matters difficult.

The battery was the first "part" noticed and the inductive charging coil was seen as it should have been, considering the slate's support for wireless charging. A Texas Instrument BQ51013B inductive charging controller was one of the components that was spotted inside the tablet While stronger glue held the battery in place, the mother and daughterboards were easy to remove and parts pulled out by iFixit included the Elpida J4216EFBG SDRAM, and NAND Flash produced by SK Hynix.

Overall, iFixit says the slab is easy to open and repair, good to know if you have a propensity for breaking your mobile devices. One problem area that iFixit found was the LCD glass, which required a heat gun to remove.

Just remember that DIY is a four letter word to manufacturers and any attempt to open the case will result in the voiding of your warranty. Things like repairs are best left to the pros to handle.

source: iFixit
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