New E-mail features in Windows Phone Mango demoed in video

New E-mail features in Windows Phone Mango demoed in video
We've shown you the social network integration and part of the People Hub features coming to Windows Phone Mango, and now we've got a couple more videos from Microsoft to show off new features coming to e-mail. The new features for e-mail are in linked inboxes, and conversations.

The conversations feature of e-mail is shown by Bill, who apparently loves to go biking. E-mail conversations aren't anything especially new, but Microsoft has made the UI of conversations a little nicer. Unlike Android, where a you have to open the conversation thread in order to get at the various messages, Mango will allow you to get a preview of the thread while still in the inbox and see each message. Even better, Mango will give you control to delete or archive the entire thread or individual messages in a thread.

Another new feature are linked inboxes, not to be confused with unified inboxes as Audrey is quick to note. Unlike in iOS and Android where all e-mails are clumped into one inbox, you can link accounts together. So, rather than having work and personal e-mail mixed together, you can keep just personal and work separate, but still have multiple accounts in the same inbox.

These may not be the most innovative features, but Microsoft has put enough thought into them that they may end up being better than current offerings.

source: Microsoft YouTube



1. Dimitrie unregistered

Hasn't RIM Been doing this for years ?!

5. macron2000

Posts: 81; Member since: Sep 07, 2009

Remember a few years back, when the Iphone finally got picture messaging capabilities and sooo many people thought it was the greatest thing ever? Well, in this case, RIM has been doing this for a while, but Microsoft just made it better. I don't think it is being positioned as a new and innovative feature, but rather a much improved experience, which is what the Mango update is all about. If you (not you specifically) haven't gotten a glimpse of Mango yet, you will be interested to know that several of the updates center around improved user experience and is turning out to be a rather nice (although catching up in a lot of ways) OS. Kudos to Microsoft for listening to customers and making the effort.

2. android_hitman unregistered

i smell a law suit from apple :)))

4. dallas90733

Posts: 36; Member since: Mar 06, 2011

Yes AppleSue is coming up..hahaha.

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