Netflix, Google Photos begin staged roll-out to Google Home


Some lucky Google Home users are reporting that a new “Videos and Photos” tab has appeared in the Google Assistant settings menu, including options for associating Home with a Netflix account, as well as managing accessibility to Google Photos.

Unfortunately, the roll-out seems to be staged, as many users still don't see the new tab in the Google Home app, while others do see it, but can't actually link their Netflix accounts yet. However, according to a handful of preliminary reports by Home users, Photos integration is live and fully working. As you've probably guessed by now, this option lets users command their Google Home to display their pictures saved to Google Photos on Chromecast-connected screens. In order to activate this option, provided it has already went live for you, you need to go into Google Assistant settings and grant Google Home access to your personal information.

As far as Netflix goes, it seems that you will be able to stream your favorite shows to a TV connected to a Chromecast device via Google Home very soon. This feature was highlighted by Google during Home's official back in October, and is set to become a staple of the connected home of tomorrow. Because why use the remote when you can just yell out the name of your favorite TV show?
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