Net10's $50 UNLIMITED plan is exclusviely offered at Target

Net10's $50 UNLIMITED plan is exclusviely offered at Target
So it seems that someone else decided to jump on the $50 per month all you can eat no-contract plan. Net10 just started offering their UNLIMITED plan which offers unlimited talk, text, data, and 411 calls for only $50 per month; no contract required. This deal is only being offered exclusively at Target – so you may want to head on over there to take advantage of this great deal and their selection of mobile phones. If you fall under their nationwide coverage areas, then you may want to check this out so you can start saving more money in the long run – the best part about it all is that you’re not tethered into an agreement. Now if only the mobile handset selections were compelling enough to make the switch – we’re sure there are people out there that don’t require the latest and greatest; just being able to keep in touch may be all that matters.

source: Net10 Blog



1. Dennis unregistered

I already have Net 10 and it is the best cell phone I have ever had. This just made the whole deal one hundred times better.

2. Julia unregistered

This option just increases the flexibility of an already super flexible prepaid cellphone deal. I have been with Net10 for some time and have found it to work really great for me. It is especially good if you have teenagers who tend to spend a lot of time chatting and texting!

3. Irene unregistered

I believe a few changes have been made since this article was posted and are worth noting. NET10 is actually available in over 70,000 different retailers. They have also added some really nice phones as well. They continue to offer a variety of plan options that can be interchangeable without penalty if your usage changes. Don't think any other prepaid makes it so flexible. Also, over time the coverage as really gotten better. Depending on what is best in your area, it will be AT&T, Verizon, or T-Mobile. There are no contracts so you get the best coverage at affordable rates. If your shopping the different prepaid options, this is so worth checking into.

4. Michael Walden unregistered

Having the advantage of coverage under major cell networks is fantastic! The best part is you don't have to pay the same prices that they charge. Instead, you can go with one of NET10's many affordable plans. I personally love the $50 a month unlimited plan since I use internet all day and find myself sending tons of text messages every month.

5. WizTimothy unregistered

I bought one of these at target but had no idea it was an exclusive deal lol. I guess its a good thing that i turned to target when looking for phone service. Net10 unlimited is really working well for me. The service is not expensive and the service should be lol. I get great service with net10 unlimited i just don't pay for it.

6. Boomchaos unregistered

I got the Samsung T401G at Target with the unlimited plan and am saving about $30 a month which is pretty damn good because that stuff adds up.

7. WesternRITE unregistered

I think the best part of this crazy deal is the fact that you get unlimited mobile web service. I switched two or three months ago and I haven't missed my Blackberry one bit because I essentially get the same stuff (email, etc) on my Net10 phone for half the price.

8. ucfnation

Posts: 1; Member since: Mar 15, 2011

I'm new to this whole prepaid thing and have just started looking into it. What's attractive about NET10 is the variety of plans and how flexible they are, nice selection of phones, and the coverage. I understand that they use the Verizon and AT&T networks so I assume you'll get reception no matter where you are. Also, like that you can find it in so many different retailers so your not locked into any one location to find it. For a newbie, it's good to see everyone is pleased with what they have.

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