Need more proof that the new iPhones will have wireless charging? Here's a $50 stand


RAVPower, the maker of all things powerbank and charging, has given us one more tangential evidence that the upcoming iPhone crop will indeed feature a wireless method to pump them full of electrons. It has apparently already in production of a wireless charging stand with the Qi standard that can output no less than 10 watts of power, or double what the wired iPhone chargers provide, due to the inevitable power loss when charging through the ether. 

Thus, the RAVPower chief has sent the following statement which all but confirms that the company has inside sources credible enough to result in a final retail product for charging future iPhones wirelessly:

While LG has a 15-watt wireless charger on the market, Apple is likely going to keep it safe, and provide a more standard output, which, coupled with the rumored new glass housing of the upcoming iPhones, should charge them almost as quickly as if they were connected to a cable. 

Samsung's newest wireless charging convertible pad takes about two hours to fully charge a Galaxy S8, while doing the same thing by wire takes about an hour and a half, so we will be pretty curious to see whether the new iPhones can charge wirelessly with the same speed as with the regular charging cable provided in the box.

source: Mashable   

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