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NVIDIA to offer new version of SHIELD Android TV at CES 2017

Although it didn't achieve great popularity, the first Android TV set-top box of the NVIDIA Shield line will be remembered as a solid and rather innovative device. Apart from being great for gaming, it was also the first ever widely available media-streamer that handled Ultra HD content, but the fact that it was mainly made for the Google Play store which didn't offer anything in 4K at the time and is not even close in terms of popularity compared to platforms such as Netflix perhaps doomed the set-top box to never realizing its potential.

But times are changing. Google has been trying to make the Play store more competitive as of lately and if it does succeed, devices such as the Shield Android TV might find themselves to be high in demand. Having this in mind, it comes as no surprise that NVIDIA is actively looking to improve upon its creation.

The company will most probably reveal the latest rendition of the Shield line at CES 2017 this January. According to an anonymous source, the device will largely stay the same, apart from the addition of MIMO antennas and better Wi-Fi support that will ensure a better connectivity.

This source also suggests that the most recognizable changes will be with the controller – it will be slightly slimmer and a switch to Bluetooth Low Energy will be observed from Wi-Fi Direct, in order to ensure a greater battery life. The remote might also benefit from this technology and while nothing was mentioned in regards to improving the Shield tablet, it certainly looks plausible that an upgrade there could also be included.

source: SlashGear
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