NVIDIA promises quad-core tablets by August, smartphones by year-end

NVIDIA promises quad-core tablets by August, smartphones by year-end

Dual-core smartphones seemed a thing of the distant future just last year and the recently leaked NVIDIA roadmap mentioning a quad-core SOC in the works for release this Fall seemed too good to be true. But luckily – it is not. NVIDIA announced its quad-core Kal-El system-on-chip, which would most likely be called Tegra 3, coming to tablets as soon as by this August and to smartphones around Christmas. This definitely sounds like very aggressive timing and we can only hope to see NVIDIA stick to it. So far, its strategy brought huge success as most dual-core smartphones of today went with the Tegra 2 platform. But is the upcoming quad-core chip the Superman of chips as its name suggests? Read on to find out.

It will be the world's first mobile quad-core CPU bringing a brand new 12-core NVIDIA GPU with support for 3D stereo and “Extreme HD” videos with stunning quality of 2560 x 1600 pixels. It really sounds extreme, doesn't it? Oh, did we mention it will be 5 times faster than the current smartphone/tablet heavyweight – the Tegra 2? But it doesn't stop here as NVIDIA is committed to yearly updates

It left us speechless when we saw it cracking the benchmarks. On Coremark 1.0 it scored the unbelievable 11,354 points, more than a Core2Duo T7200 processor, which could only score 10,136.

The roadmap you see below maps an exciting future. The Wayne chip in 2012 will double the performance of Kal-El, while Logan in 2013 will make things truly heroic giving a 5 times performance boost over Logan! The distant future of 2014 is to bring Stark - a 100 times more productive unit than Tegra 2. Finally, it seems that plans for Tegra 3D chip were either cancelled or pushed back to give the priority to the Kal-El SOC. Can other manufacturers keep up? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

source: NVIDIA



1. yomamma unregistered

Now idk if I should get the agriculture 4g..if this ia true ill jusst wait by december and get their new quad core chips

2. yomamma unregistered

atrix 4g* my bad..

13. E.N.

Posts: 2610; Member since: Jan 25, 2009


3. danielasd unregistered

oh my god... this wasnt imaginable the last day and now here it is.... a single block of plastic used for calling in the past can now slap the PC processors in their face! this is a breakthrough! nobody thought that cellphones can eat a computer...!

4. dumb unregistered

why would you need a quad-cor processor? they just came out with dual core and apps arent even made to utilize those. what makes you think they will be utilized for quad-core processors?

12. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

well processor companies do that... they try to improve their equipment better and better looking for the one that delivers best of the best, and they will keep on increasing 2x,4x and so forth... because its what they do... now apps and OS's can be simply optimized to work with several processors, the same app will just check how many processors it has available and use them as it needs ... now why we need quad-cor processor on a phone? for the same reason we need 4-6 on a computer just like that.... if i have to choose between a tablet and a netbook that have the same horse power, its just going to depend on little things... plus with this and many other improvements done to "portable OS" we might as well say goodbye to our netbooks

5. Lawrence unregistered

The only this new super chip will have some comp. is if TI OMAP 5 can truly deliver something remarkable which I seriously doubt anyways. But WOW!...DAMN! benchmark is over 13,000 points!!!! Well I have a Samsung Vibrant and I'll just hold on to that until Samsung releases there 3D phone that they said will carry this chip!

6. Jeromeo

Posts: 135; Member since: Jan 11, 2010

Any information about power usage from so many cores? At what speed is each core clocked? Is it produced with 32nm architecture or 28nm like Qualcomm's 2012 quad-core offering? How does NVIDIA's SOC compare to Qualcomm's SOC?

7. box unregistered

I wonder how interesting the chip market would get if AMD/ATI got into it..... Intel's getting into it, so it'd be a neat PC 3-way battle on the mobile battlefield instead, with Qualcomm & Samsung (& the other few major ones) in a battle royale

8. Fanboys Suck

Posts: 609; Member since: Dec 12, 2008

See Ya Battery Life! LOL

11. Goldeneye

Posts: 419; Member since: Jan 22, 2011

I hear you, battery technology needs to evolve as fast, otherwise all this is pretty much pointless

9. BReND0

Posts: 74; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

but c'mon people really, if they start slapping these chips and cpus in smartphones and they do perform better then tabs and computers ....who the hell is gonna pay 700 dollar starting for a phone????????????? i mean really i need the hardrive for my videos pics and thousands of songs in my libraries , love to see phones handle that clutter and perform top notch all the time

10. twashington4

Posts: 81; Member since: May 24, 2010

Believe it not, somebody is going to pony up that 700 bucks for that phone. We're a consumptive society. We waste money on big things that provide short-lived satisfaction. At the end of the day, all I really need to do is make a phone call and check my mail. Maybe even browse a little web. NVIDIA just needs to make chips for something...for no apparent reason. Mostly, it's a waste for a cell phone who's screen size is pretty much capped at 5 inches max. IPhones and OG Droids were playing 3D games with a 600Mhz processor and they looked fine. All these super processors aren't really going to make my game any better because the screen will only get but so big. I wouldn't be able to appreciate anyway.

18. Gaelos unregistered

Here what i think is there any chance android enable creating linux containers : ) can a 4g phone server thousands of internet pages per second ? i'll buy a tablet like that when it will provide 7 days battery life at full 4g speed 24/24 Windows where are you ? 2017 2018 ???

14. CARL75014 unregistered

This is beautifull but there is still no 3G/4G mobile networking chip included, means one more ship will be required versus Snapdragons, and network capabilities may end un-consistant between one vendor and another, and likely stay in the dark.... For ex I still could not find for sure the exact memory Bands on which new Motorola Altrix will operate for 2G and 3G and 4G/HSPA+ nor its exact maximum speed in HSPA+. Not sure why Motorola and the press are HIDING these key specs, so we can understand where that genius mobile will be able to operate in each mode accross the world.

15. shayan

Posts: 159; Member since: Sep 09, 2010

this is huge. developers cant keep up. at the end of this year, we finally see a good app or game that can use the whole power of a dual core processor. I dont see a need for a quad core one. I bought a quad core PC more than 3 years ago. and really, I didnt need it back then. now, my phone could beat it... by the way, nice job Nvidia. I allways hated the company, but it sure is doing great.

16. G unregistered

omg yes. I make so much money, I'd pay up to 1100 for a phone, fraction of what my systems cost! Go NVIDIA, NEVER STOP. EVER.

17. TimS unregistered

agree on the battery life this thing is gonna eat power for breakfast. but its pretty impressive for them to get a quad core in a mobile package, and for it to beat a decent Desktop Dual core. can't wait to see a working tablet with one of these in it. I'm just as impressed by the 12 core GPU, that thing puts out some sweet images.

19. gjunki unregistered

I hear the galaxy S3 is gonna support a whooping 1.5ghz quad core proc. Man and i thought dual core was crazy...this phone should be as snappy as my tablet and laptop combined! I know these quads arnt needed yet but itsnt it nice to know you have the power of an average desktop in the palm on your hand?

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