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NFC tags help people find books in this Japanese library

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NFC tags help people find books in this Japanese library

Quick, how many uses for NFC can you think of? There's Android Beam, contactless payments, and NFC smart tags, to name a few, but the technology's potential could extend even further. This library in Japan, for example, has partnered with Fujitsu in adding NFC badges to its shelves, making it easier for people to quickly get information about a given title with the help of an NFC-capable smartphone or tablet. 

A total of 100 NFC tags are now installed in the library, but their number is projected to grow over time. By tapping their smartphone onto one, details about an author or about his books can be accessed almost instantly. Reserving a given book is also an option. The goal of the system is to aid people in researching and finding the right book prior to borrowing it. Fujitsu hopes to promote its information platform by adding its NFC tags to 500 more libraries across Japan. 

source: Fujitsu (Translated) via Pocket-Lint

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