NFC Toolkit for WP8 is $0.99 on Christmas sale, lets you manage NFC tags with custom profiles

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NFC Toolkit for Windows Phone 8 is an app that can manage NFC tags via a custom profile assistant. By touching an NFC tag with your smartphone before you leave the house, your handset can automatically turn off Wi-Fi and switch to a data connection, activate Bluetooth to pair your hands-free, and start playing music. The same goes, for example, if you want your smartphone to launch an automotive app when you enter your car.

Each of the app's custom profiles has its own list of settings that can be turned on or off. The profiles are then saved to a corresponding NFC tag in a specific location - for example, your doorway or garage. By touching the tag with your smartphone, or bringing the handset really close to it, the app applies the profile contained within the NFC sticker. It seems that NFC Toolkit can manage as many of them as you need, so if you own a WP-smartphone and were waiting for an opportunity to cover your house in NFC tags, there - you finally have it.

NFC Toolkit also offers basic reading and writing functions for tags, which include saving small messages or other bits of information inside them. It also offers extras such as tag analysis, shopping and to-do list, appointment checker, and a car dashboard.

The app is currently on a Christmas sale, costing $0.99. The non-holiday price is $1.49. Also, NFC Toolkit has a fully functional 10 day trial period, which should be enough to decide if its worth your dollar (and a half). Follow the link below if you want to try it out.

Download: Windows Phone 8

source: WMPowerUser

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