Munster estimates Apple sold 700,000 iPads on Saturday

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Munster estimates Apple sold 700,000 iPads on Saturday
The lines are gone and the Apple Stores have returned to normal activity. So the burning question on everyone's mind is, just how many iPads did Apple manage to sell on Saturday? While most admitted that the size of the gatherings around the country were not as big or as rowdy as the ones seen for the launch of the iPhone in 2007, it still was an impressive sight, especially since the device was pre-ordered by many and shipped directly to the buyer's location.

Before the weekend, Munster, the tech analyst for brokerage firm Piper Jaffrey, had penciled in sales of 200,000 to 300,000 for the first 24 hours. Munster watched over the 5th Avenue Apple Store while he had other analysts staked out at other locations from coast to coast in an attempt to gauge demand. He saw 730 people go in and out of the 5th Avenue shop (which compares to 530 for the first day of the iPhone 3G and 350 for the iPhone 3GS) and when he took the figures from other locations, he had no choice but to raise his estimate of how many iPad units moved on Saturday by as much as 250%. The new estimate from Gene Munster is that Apple sold a mind blowing 600,000 to 700,000 iPads on Saturday.The original first-gen iPhone sold 270,000 phones on it's first day just three years ago. Two days ago, analytic firm iSuppli said that 7.1 million iPads would be sold in 2010, a number that would certainly be within reach if momentum for the tablet continues.

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1. Gowireless

Posts: 85; Member since: Feb 23, 2010

waste of money just get a laptop or a netbook

2. PhoneUser

Posts: 78; Member since: Dec 11, 2008

Seriously i don't see how i would replace this with my Macbook. This is just a HUGE Iphone but without the calls...where exactly does this fit in the market? I personally dont see what this can do that my Macbook can't....

3. merkeke

Posts: 62; Member since: Jan 03, 2009

I'm actually posting this from my iPad...I was going back and fourth on wether to get it or not, I'm glad I did. It's not going to replace my laptop but it's great laying on the couch browsing the Internet, playing games and checking email not with a bulky laptop. I was at my buddies beach house yesterday and we had it out listening to pandora. It just comes in handy being to small and net book like. I can bring it anywhere and do 95% of my computing.

4. hornetmx

Posts: 71; Member since: Mar 12, 2010

Ok, that's good that it can do email, games, and browse the web. However is it worth paying that much money???????????????? I'm glad that at least Apple is an american company and if people want to shell out the money, then go right ahead. I think I'll pass.

5. JeffdaBeat unregistered

And I think that's the point Merkeke...right now, the iPad is just a casual computer. But think a bit more... When the original iPhone was released, it was a $600 phone that didn't do anything that a less expensive media phone did. At the time, the iPhone was considered a dumbphone and even a Treo had more features. Then the price came down and later, the app store debuted. All of a sudden, the iPhone jumped beyond any phone on the market and became the phone to beat. But before that, no one saw the point in a phone/iPod that cost $600. Netbooks were met in the same way at times. Folks said, why get a less powerful netbook when I could just get a laptop. Now, netbooks have blown up because not everyone needs the power behind a notebook or desktop. I think there is so much hate around for everything Apple does that people can separate themselves from it. We talk about what the iPad can't do and we still do that with the iPhone even though the only reason the Droid, Palm Pre, Instinct, HTC Touch series exist is because of the iPhone. Right now, I feel like the iPad is what the iPhone was when it first debuted. It was limited and cost a lot of money. But Apple was smart and although the phone was limited on our end, Apple left a huge amount of space for improvement without having to change out equipment. Right now, the iPad can't do flash...neither can the iPhone. But because Steve Jobs is so stubborn about it, there is a HUGE push towards HTML5. So in a year (or less in my opinion) when flash is gone and we are all using HTML5...the iPad won't be so limited. When there are REAL apps for the iPad, it won't be so limited. And if the price comes down...everyone will have one. And because Apple took the risk, Samsung, LG, Sony, and everyone else will be rushing to make their own least, that's my prediction.

6. jhoots

Posts: 74; Member since: Jan 13, 2010

i agree! i guess this is a sign the economy is recoving!!

7. jhoots

Posts: 74; Member since: Jan 13, 2010

the iphone is a glorified ipod and the ipad is a glorified iphone.. and im sorry but the only resaon the iphone exists is because the likes of palm and Windows Mobile.. dont be a typical fanboy and completely ignore the history of technology. you guys seem to think no cell phone existed before the iphone.. they are all wastes of money but iphone fanatics either have lots of money to waste or are completely clueless tredsters or both.. the only thing the iphone ever revolutionized is the app store experience.. THATS IT!!! nothing else.. palm and wm had tens of thousands of apps and hacks years before the iphone even came out but no comprehensive way to offer them to consumers as easily as the modern day "app store" but now all phones have them.. so, there is no reason to buy either of these gadgets.. get a Macbook! get off nazi apple/att and get the EVO when it comes to sprint.. save money and sleep better at night..

10. easytochris

Posts: 126; Member since: Jan 21, 2010

the iPhone has definitely done more to revolutionize phones than just the app store experience. I really think that having a simplified, yet complex UI has pushed other companys to create something similar that is more attractive to the end user. point and case look at how poorly WinMo has done in the last two years even the phones they have are created with some of the best hardware specs around. Plus look at all the buzz around windows 7 phone. It's all based around the UI. Palm took a huge risk to completely revamp their UI so it is more end user friendly. Even Android was created with the UI in mind, and all of the custom home screen replacement apps are all about what makes the UI better for the end user, not necessarily looking at efficiency. Another thing that you can thank the iPhone for is the fact that smartphones have progressed very quickly in hardware specs and capabilities since it launched. the iPhone was so popular that every major smartphone OS was being pushed to be better than the iPhone, and on paper there are tons of phones better than the iPhone, and then the competition was to be better than the new best. Look at smartphones before the iPhone. you had crappy laggy winmo, old blackberrys, and outdated palm os. look where we are now, and it's the iPhone to thank for pushing the development there. with that said i only owned an iPhone 2g for two months and i didn't like it because of constant hardware issues, and i have been a huge android advocate for over a year so think twice before calling everyone who defends the iphone an apple fanboy or stupid or anything like that.

11. baslanides

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 05, 2010

"Another thing that you can thank the iPhone for is the fact that smartphones have progressed very quickly in hardware specs and capabilities since it launched"..... Really? You don't think that is what was happening before the release of iphone 1? 4 months before the release of the original iphone, I was using a nokia n95 which had 3g data, gps with maps, sd slot, 5mp camera with flash , music player, video camera, stereo speakers and a great phone to boot. I understand what your trying to say, but it simply isn't true. The rush to better features was already long underway before apple popped in with iphone.

12. easytochris

Posts: 126; Member since: Jan 21, 2010

I don't disagree with you at all. There definitely was progression towards better features, however it was a very slow movement. Whenever phones came out in the states that really pushed the envelope, it was few and far between, and usually they were very expensive because they were not offered by carriers with a subsidy. I remember when the nokia n90 launched on t-mobile and it was rediculously priced because you could only buy them at compusa and the carl zeiss optics and unique form factor upped the price. What i still believe that once the iPhone was launched, there was a definitive reason and time when progression started moving faster because of that specific phone.

8. jhoots

Posts: 74; Member since: Jan 13, 2010

and lets not forget that ipad isnt the first of its kind.. maybe the biggest and most expensive but Archos and Android have had a media device out for way longer.. archos 5 series and 7 series.. with 5 and 7 inch displays.. way cheapier and portable.. better all around.. and yes they also run off 3g gsm technology.. before you start suing people i just wanted to point that out..

9. merkeke

Posts: 62; Member since: Jan 03, 2009

people need to relax... they are mad that the price is so high.."why would u buy a glorified iphone at that price". My response back is why would u buy an iphone? why an ipod? why buy an expensive car? why buy a boat? why own 2 or 3 computers?? non of these are things you need to live, they are things you like and want. People buy it because they want it, its a cool device. Big difference to NEED and WANT... and people (myself included) WANTED to buy this device. No one needs these to live...

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