Moulah is a secure app to ask for cash and collect payments for your initiatives


Developer: Moulah Inc Download: iOS
Category: Payments Price: Free

If you have a cause and want to collect money for it, there's an app for that, too. It's called Moulah and it's designed as a discovery and payment app for your community. It lets both people and businesses sign up to pay or be discovered and raise money. With Moulah, you create listings which you update with essential information. When your listing is online, people in your community can discover it and if you’re using Moulah to also collect money for your product, service, or event, it will automatically go into your bank account.

Using location technology, Moulah can pinpoint your location and display all listings in your vicinity. Both payers and money collectors need to have Moulah installed and be located within 2 miles of each other. If you want to use the app to collect money, you'll have to apply and wait for a moderator to approve you individually, making sure you are not a scammer or robot. Once that's out of the way, you can go on to create listings with pictures, descriptions, addresses, and start/end times. While the listing is active, anyone within 2 miles can see it and send a payment. Payers only need to download the app, create an account, and add their credit and debit card information. Keeping track of payments isn't a problem either, for every time you collect money or pay someone, you'll get a digital receipt that remains accessible anytime. They are accessible in the app's “History” tab.

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Being a payment handling app, above all, Moulah has been made reasonably secure. It uses industry standard end-to-end encryption algorithms to protect your data as it gets beamed across the system. Moulah stores only the information that's required for its services to function, which means it doesn't store, log, or process your payment details. The app employs a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant payment processor to facilitate secure and reliable payments. Any payments made to you will go directly to your bank account in full within 2 business days. Where transaction fees are concerned, the first $1,000 you collect are fee-free on Moulah, and after that, you'll be charged 2.5% per transaction to collect money.

Moulah is free and currently available only on iOS. An Android version is in the works as we speak.

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