Motorola's new secret sauce: 'Touchless control' and 'Active notifications'

Motorola's new secret sauce: 'Touchless control' and 'Active notifications'
Motorola has just unveiled not just a new trio of Motorola Droids, but its new ‘secret sauce’, exclusive features that by now we’ve only associated with the Motorola Moto X. That secret sauce comes in two varieties called 'Touchless control' and 'Active notifications'.

'Touchless control' makes your phone listen to you at all times, so you can just say “Ok Google Now” to wake up your phone even when it’s locked.

The new feature relies on a dedicated natural language processing core and a contextual computing core to get the load off the main processing cores and bar ‘Touchless control’ from quickly draining your battery.

'Active notifications' on the other hand allows users to preview messages and app alerts without waking their phone.

We are thrilled to see Motorola introduce these features to a wide range of devices and not just the Moto X. How do you like the company’s new ‘special sauce’?

source: Motorola


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