Motorola's Ivory E18 luxury cellphone is...uh, never mind

Motorola's Ivory E18 luxury cellphone is...uh, never mind
Motorola seems to have a wandering mind lately. Instead of giving the public what it really, really wants, they produce the ultra-expensive Aura in the midst of a world-wide recession. Now, what you are looking at is the Motorola Ivory E18, a slider with two stops (long one for a T9 keypad and the other for function keys), and a 3MP camera. The stainless steel version would have costed about 2,000 Euros or $2,821 US Dollars.

Other versions with gold and platinum bodies were also in the planning stages which would have driven up the price for those models up to the five figures in Euros or Dollars. In fact, a platinum version probably would have gone for a few multiples of the gold E18. Well, it is all money under the bridge because the suits at Schaumburg finally realized we were in a recession and canceled the project. Not that anyone's too upset, we're sure.

source: mobilereview (Translated) via unwiredeview

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