Motorola's DEXT to launch early next month at Orange UK; $0 with contract

Motorola's DEXT to launch early next month at Orange UK; $0 with contract
It looks like Motorola's DEXT will launch ahead of its U.S. version, the CLIQ. As previously reported, Motorola has been able to secure an early October launch slot from Orange UK for the release of the Android powered DEXT. The DEXT also will feature the MOTOBLUR UI and the social networking monster will be free with certain monthly plans. Those who sign up for a 2 year plan paying 34.26 British Pounds per month (approximately $55 U.S. Dollars monthly) will take the handset home gratis. The plan includes 900 anytime minutes, unlimited browsing and texting, and Orange Maps. Pre-orders will be taken starting September 22nd. The CLIQ/DEXT is the beginning of Motorola's master plan to use the open source Android OS to recapture the market share it had when its RAZR phone ruled the world. The U.S. manufacturer has already said that other phones using Android will be coming in the future. In the U.S., the CLIQ will be launched by T-Mobile with the release date expected in November.

Motorola DEXT MB200 Specifications

source: Motorola via Pocket-lint


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