Motorola's Android 2.3 update said to be rejected by Verizon as too buggy

Motorola's Android 2.3 update said to be rejected by Verizon as too buggy
Verizon is said to be rejecting all Android 2.3 updates for Motorola's DROID series after the DROID X received a version of Android 2.3 that is rough and buggy. Anonymous sources for Droid-Life say that the manufacturer is recalling update teams to try and solve the problem, but will not release a time period for the development of a new version.

Because of Verizon's freeze, the Motorola DROID Pro update is on hold and updates for the DROID 2, the DROID 2 Global and the DROID X2 will not be released soon. Some of those handsets were expected to receive the Android 2.3 update within days, and now it might be as long as a few months until these models get the Gingerbread update.

Neither Motorola or Verizon will comment on this report. The Motorola DROID X has suffered from random reboots, lagging performance and short battery life since the installation of Android 2.3. If you own a DROID X and have noticed that your handset has been acting and performing poorly since you downloaded Android 2.3, leave us a comment in the box below.

source: DroidLife


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