Motorola to launch a social networking phone based on Android?

Motorola to launch a social networking phone based on Android?
According to a BusinessWeek report, Motorola has been showing spec sheets and images of an Android based phone it is developing to carriers around the world. The phone is rumoured to have a touch screen of about 3.5", a slide-out QWERTY keyboard, design cues from the Motorola Krave ZN4 and a target price of $150.

While the device is likely to launch in the US only in the second quarter of 2009, it will aim to set itself apart from other Android-based phones by integrating with social networking sites.

Sites such as Facebook have already produced applications for other phones which enable mobile use of most site features, but they require the user to open them each time. It would be good, for example, if Facebook's inter-user messaging service was integrated with the phone so messages sent through such a service will be immediately displayed in the phone's message inbox.

Unfortunately, Motorola has not yet announced details of the ways in which the device will integrate with social networking sites.

source: BusinessWeek via CNet



1. unregistered

Hmmm... Motorola needs to do something. Hopefully this works out for them. I like the Facebook messaging idea. I like the Krave but I would not buy it for myself.

2. unregistered

Yeah, the Krave sounds like something you get from White Castle. And what's up with the flip getting in the way when you try to text? I can't wait until the Android phones start poppring up from all the different manufacturers.

3. rj04 unregistered

I think the Zn5 is a pretty good phone. Hopefully Motorola will turn the corner with this one.

4. ummm unregistered

come to verizonnn! im upgrading late Q2 2009 and i want a BRAND NEW PHONE! :)

5. unregistered

I heard that this Android phone from moto is coming to AT&T, then after three months, also coming to Verizon. Some time early 2009, so to comment 4, u may get ur wish.

6. unregistered

ATT and Verizon customers, I think you have been misinformed, at this time only T-Mobile and Sprint will get Android phones because they are part of the Open Handset Alliance. Verizon and ATT have not yet joined at this time. However, it may be a safe bet that Verizon may soon join in the future because they are talking about being open. Until then, all Google Android phones are for those of Sprint and Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile's parent company.

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