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Motorola to hold Android event on September 10th

Motorola to hold Android event on September 10th
The name Motorola has not been relevant in the cellular world for some time. Now, with some hot new Android handsets catching a buzz, the Shaumburg, Illinois based firm is holding an event on September 10th in San Francisco. BGR hears that there is a 100% possibility that the sizzling hot Sholes will be unveiled and other possible items on the agenda include the Blur UI that Motorola has been developing for the Sholes, a look at
the Morrison handset and perhaps a heads up to developers to start producing apps for an on-device store. One thing for sure is that there is some momentum gathering up behind the Motorola name for the first time in ages. What happens on the 10th of next month can either keep the buzz going, or could possibly snuff it out. For Motorola employees, the chance at grabbing the brass rings again must feel nice.

Motorola Sholes Preliminary Specifications
Motorola Morrison Preliminary Specifications

source: BGR

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