Motorola shows their XOOM during the Super Bowl

Motorola shows their XOOM during the Super Bowl
As you may recall, we've seen a few advertisement teases featuring the Motorola XOOM of the past few weeks, with the last one saying 2011 looks a lot like 1984. If you happened to watch the Super Bowl tonight (or even if you didn't) there was the newest Motorola XOOM commercial that aired. It starts off by showing a guy in a dress shirt, tie and sweater waiting for a train, but everyone else around him is wearing the same white clothes and have the white (Apple) earbuds in their ears. He uses the XOOM to flip through something that looks like an eBook with 1984 in the title, then later uses the (unnamed) GPS program to find the local florist.  After acquiring the flowers, he sits at his work desk and takes a picture of them with the XOOM and uses a program on it to create a little animation. The girl he likes from the office sees it and pulls the white earbuds out of her ears. As they smile at each other, the XOOM shows "The tablet to create a better world."

So is the XOOM the tablet to create a better world? Motorola hopes so, as they have a lot riding on it, with competition from the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Apple iPad.
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