Motorola seeks TRO against former employee and Nokia

Motorola seeks TRO against former employee and Nokia
Former Motorola employee David Hartsfield is a 38 year old former VP in product management and helped see the wildly successful DROID through from paper to Superstar status. On December 2nd, Hartsfield jumped to Nokia to join the Finnish firms CDMA division. Motorola cried ,"Foul" because of the large number of trade secrets that Hartsfield knows and has asked the courts for a Temporary Restraining Order to keep a Nokia badge off of Hartsfield. The suit claims that. “In working on Nokia’s CDMA mobile devices, Hartsfield could not compartmentalize his knowledge to prevent himself from using Motorola’s confidential information.”On the other hand, the former Moto employee's mouthpiece says that his client is entitled to make a living and that , "Motorola fails to point to one specific act of wrongdoing, and specifically the disclosure of what it alleges to be confidential or trade-secret information by Hartsfield to his current employer, and cannot specifically identify what conduct it is it wishes Hartsfield to be restrained from.” It is not clear what the wording of the non-disclosure agreement was in Hartsfield's contract with Motorola, but it is assumed to be standard for the industry. Mr. Hartsfield said he will challenge the legitimacy of the non-disclosure agreement. Motorola has aggressively sued former employees who jumped to Apple, RIM and other competitors in the past. “We're confident we'll show the court that Mr. Hartsfield hasn’t disclosed any confidential information to his new employer," says  Kevin O'Hagan, Mr. Hartsfield attorney, "He was not hired by Nokia for Motorola’s so-called trade secrets. He just happened to be a young, talented executive.”

source: ChicagoBusiness via Engadget



1. Illyich

Posts: 167; Member since: Oct 13, 2009

Yeah, because Nokia needs ANYONE'S help, much less Motorola's.

2. Remus

Posts: 12; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Well, Nokia has been slower to get involved with the Smart phone craze thats sweeping the world right now.. Of course Nokia is going to argue they didn't hire him for trade secrets..but there is a good chance thats specifically why Nokia hired Mr. Hartsfield. He was involved with the droid and its got a big following. STILL.. its lame that a company that you USED to work for, can try to interfere with your plans.

3. SamTime

Posts: 253; Member since: Nov 07, 2009

Not true. Nokia's N-series smartphones debuted long before Android or WebOS and I think iPhone too. Nokia's at fault for not being on the cutting edge of mobile technology i.e. touchscreens; fresh, easy to use UI; powerful hardware.

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