Motorola prepares second CDMA PEBL phone

Unlike the W315 that was announced half a year ago, the new U6c phone has exactly the same external design as the original PEBL U6, with internal antenna and spring mechanism for easier opening of the clamshell. The FCC pages show that the U6c is single-band (800-only) CDMA and AMPS phone, which makes us think it is targeted to the South America countries and Mexico, instead to the US, but the Verizon Wireless logo on its display may give you a reason to hope. It seems that the bigger part of the functionality is the same as the original PEBL and the phone has vertical external display and VGA camera.

On the inside, the phone is slightly redesigned for a new numeric keypad layout: the curves that split each key from the other are not arranged in almost straight lines instead of curves and so the keys seem to be bigger, as well as the D-pad that now has large OK key in the middle.

Source: FCC, via EngadgetMobile

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