Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth headphones will stay put for the active individual

Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth headphones will stay put for the active individual
It would only be fitting to see more manufacturers start to announce new Bluetooth headsets as we begin to enter the soon-to-be busy holiday shopping season, but it looks as though Motorola isn't wasting any time in making their announcements. It was only yesterday that we were made aware about the Motorola Oasis Bluetooth headset, however, this time around we're getting to know more about the Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth headphones. You heard that right, these are being referred as headphones since they follow similarly to the style found with traditional wired headphone, but obviously, takes it one step since they're wireless.

Although it'll function normally like any other Bluetooth enabled headset in the market, like making phone calls and listening to music, the Motorola S10-HD is unique due to its tough construction that's more in line for someone that's a fitness conscious individual. Vice President of Companion Products for Motorola, Wayne White says, “Motorola created S10-HD to accommodate an active lifestyle – from working out to hanging out, it fits into anyone’s routine. S10-HD not only provides superior high definition sound quality but the advanced design ensures the headset is dust and sweat proof.”

Additionally, the speakers are recessed and are accompanied with a new ear cushion interface and hydrophobic acoustic mesh so that it'll stay together in your ear and make it resistant to sweat. Priced fittingly at $79.99, it'll begin to go on sale at Best Buy retail locations and online starting on October 24th.

source: Motorola



1. lol unregistered

I have the Moto S9-HD and I absolutely love it. Best BT headset I have ever owned. I think I might pick this one up too.

3. budfan unregistered

Im using a set of skull candy headphones right now but thinking about picking up this pair. Thanks for the input

2. brtndr1

Posts: 1; Member since: Sep 29, 2010

I had the s9 and it was a great headset. My only complaint is that no one could hear me during phone calls. It would be nice if they would make a headset with a fold down boom mic.

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