Motorola's next smartphone could reintroduce an iconic name

Motorola's next smartphone could reintroduce an iconic name
CAD-based renders of Motorola's quadruple-camera phone

Unlike HMD Global which has re-introduced the iconic Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, Lenovo hasn’t relied on nostalgia to shift Motorola-branded devices since it took over the company five years ago.

This year, however, the Chicago-based brand does have plans to re-introduce the Motorola RAZR in the form of its first foldable smartphone. And now, as suggested by a recent trademark, it seems the company could also be preparing a new device under the ROKR branding it used between 2005 and 2009.

Sadly, the trademark listing itself doesn’t reveal anything about the smartphone’s specifications or design. However, when we consider the Motorola devices that are yet to be announced, there’s a possibility ROKR will be the name of the company’s first quadruple-camera smartphone.

Forgetting the Moto Z4 that has already shipped but not been announced yet, Motorola currently has three smartphones in the works. Two of these are part of the company’s Android One lineup, follow the design language previously seen, and could potentially be called the Motorola One Action and One Pro. The company’s quadruple-camera device, on the other hand, looks completely different to anything Motorola has previously introduced. As a result, it only makes sense for the company to kick off an entirely new lineup with the offering, one which could be called ROKR.

As per usual, there’s no guarantee Motorola will ever use the ROKR branding – the company could choose an entirely different name for its quadruple-camera device – but considering it already has plans to reintroduce the RAZR branding, relaunching ROKR certainly isn’t a crazy idea.



1. middlehead

Posts: 468; Member since: May 12, 2014

Reintroducing the Rokr name IS a crazy idea. It's the dumbest name they ever used.

2. JcHnd

Posts: 285; Member since: Apr 30, 2012

ROKR because it comes with 4 cameras? I dont think so... this sould have amazing speakers or some audio DAC or something to be worth of that name.

5. Brewski

Posts: 730; Member since: Jun 05, 2012

That's what I was thinking. For those who didn't know, the ROKR (think rocker, like rock and roll) was all about music. Being able to store a large amount of .MP3s and playback the files via good sounding speakers made sense for that naming. But now the ROKR is all about cameras...? I don't see the correlation...

3. DurTeeDee

Posts: 151; Member since: Sep 05, 2014

I remember the atrix. They could bring that back.

4. bucknassty

Posts: 1373; Member since: Mar 24, 2017

it would be cool if they used that razer concept where they put the phone as the trackpad... cause the atrix had that laptop dock...

6. twcobra

Posts: 26; Member since: Apr 25, 2012

Interesting. Since the original ROKR was aimed as a media device with a license to play Apple Itunes. Maybe Motorola is renewing ties with Apple and Itunes integration. Or as in later versions they went with Realplayer then Windows Media Player. My bet is on a media focused device. Since I am not allowed to post a link. Google search ROKR and look for wikipedia for my sorce information.

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